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The Jan Eleni Collage

The Jan Eleni Collage came to my attention through GOOP (I know, I know, I just can’t help it). Jan Eleni is a self-taught interior designer based in Brooklyn, New York who is known for innovation in children’s interior design, specifically through her collages. Her process includes nurturing a child’s imagination and working closely with a family. Each artwork created for and commisioned by clients is an unique piece made of a compilation of a child’s personal creations. The archiving process starts off with collecting a child’s ephemera ala Harold and The Purple Crayon.

Jan Eleni Collage and Interiors

After careful review by Eleni and editing of all individual pieces, she then handles and processes each one its own specific way. Send between 40 and 112 of your child’s’ sketches and doodle her way and she will return a streamlined grid of their work that complements any space. The result is a modern masterpiece of childhood, and memory.

Capture the magic of youth in a bottle….or a frame! 

Jan Eleni Collage and Interiors

Eleni offers two versions of the collage – original and print. Both are archival and the end product is a vast personal collection of art turned into one specialty piece – a modern grid collage with an art brut twist. The Collage, a true labor of love – includes hand cut miniature images, which come beautifully and professionally framed. Naturally, these keepsakes should become heirlooms once your child is grown; it is guaranteed they will be forever grateful to have their own work collected in such a meaningful way.

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Jan Eleni Collage

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