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Lilac Wine

Everyone’s favorite pale purple is actually an approximation of the average color of a lilac flower. Seeing as though not every flower is created equal – lilac runs the spectrum from almost ghostly to very rich hues. According to A Dictionary of Color, published in 1930, the first recorded use of lilac as a color name in English was in 1775. In fact, the tint was first formulated by the French for use in interior design!

Traditionally associated with grandparents, women, nostalgia and maternity (particularly for use in nurseries), there’s no reason that lilac should not be reinvented as a carefree and warm choice for any living space.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

Living Etc via Cozamia.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

Kendal Wilkinson's take on Seacliff Southern, photography by Matthew Millman.
Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor
Easy bedroom style by House to Home UK.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

"Winter Calm" light lilac purple interior wall paint from Valspar.
Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor
Source Unknown.
Lilac Bedrooms & Home DecorA contemporary San Francisco living room in the Hollywood Regency style by 
Peg Berens Interior Design LLC.

Susan Glick Interiors

Susan Glick Interiors creates a modern classic with Ikat pillows in New York City.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

A simple yet quirky and bright bedroom from Micasa Revista.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

Image via MTEÓFILO by Marcelo Teofilo.

Lilac Bedrooms & Home Decor

Beautiful styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen via Nordic Design photographed by Tia Borgsmidt.

I lost myself on a cool damp night, Gave myself in that misty light, Was hypnotized by a strange delight, Under a lilac tree.  I made wine from the lilac tree, Put my heart in its recipe, It makes me see what I want to see and be what I want to be…

– Jeff Buckley, from Lilac Wine

Lilac purple style, shoes, pillows, blankets, earrings, interior design and lifestyle items.

  • one – Akira Beverly Clutch in Lilac
  • two – Spotty Casual Woven Crop Shirt from Topshop in Lilac 
  • three – NYX Eye Pencil in Lilac
  • four – Clara Earrings by Lauren Hope in Lilac 
  • five – Authentic Pestemal Fouta Turkish Cotton Beach Towel in Lilac 
  • six – Chinese Laundry Game Time Heeled Sandal from Asos in High Gloss Lilac 
  • seven – Villa Home Baroque and Roll Luminaria Pillow in by All Modern in Plum & Lilac