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Falling for Autumn

The crisp in the air, the spotted gourds, the harvest pumpkins, the flint corn and the bales of hay: things I love about the final quarter of the year. In the northeast, especially in New York, we feel the four seasons quite distinctly. Although I might be pretty isolated from expansive farmland, we Brooklynites still feel the harvest season in special ways.

Pernille Folcarelli Unika Hand Prints of leaves, feathers and herbs

Pernille Folcarelli’s Unika Hand Leaf Prints

The sunday farmer’s market carries arugula, apples, chard, chestnuts and Crispin apples (my husband’s favorite – juicy and tart). Sweater weather also brings the best layering fashions. I am a sucker for heavy-knits. Finally, the leaves! In Carroll Gardens, I happen to be pretty close to some of the trees planted in the Million Trees Project, a citywide, public-private program with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees across the City’s five boroughs over the next decade. The foliage on my street is astounding! I also happen to have a 70 year old dogwood tree in my backyard.

Pernille Folcarelli Unika Hand Prints of leaves, feathers and herbs

Pernille Folcarelli’s Unika Hand Leaf Prints

The various shades of the deciduous trees and shrubs on my walk to work range from fire-engine reds, to a crimson brick, to cornmeal yellow, sunset oranges, tyrian purple, and worn-leather brown. The tones are inspiring.

Harvest Season, Autumn Decor and Fashion via The Walkup blog

  1. Leaf Print Shirt by Christophe Lemaire 
  2. Falling Leaves Necklace by J.Crew 
  3. Special Fit Harvest Sunglasses in Crazy Tort by Karen Walker 
  4. Frappa Pillow by Crate and Barrel 
  5. Votive Set in Dark Rum, Vetiver and Tobacco by Malin + Goetz
  6. Leaf Suede Chukka Boot 69 CA in Ruby Wine by Vans 
  7. Fall for Autumn hat by Wooden Ships
  8. Pearl Branch Earrings by Shaun Leane 

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

Botanists and scientist know a lot about this yearly phenomenon. As the trees are ridding themselves of chlorophyll and reabsorbing it along with other nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to store them for the winter, they also suddenly begin to expend energy creating anthocyanin. Chlorophyll normally masks the yellow pigments known as xanthophylls and the orange pigments called carotenoids — both visible when the green chlorophyll is gone.  We understand the chemical changes of the colors, but plenty of questions still remain to as to ‘why’.

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Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a compendium of Turkey Day items that remind me of the US (and sometimes Canadian) holiday. In the USA, the modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition is commonly traced to a (poorly documented) 1621 celebration at Plymouth, Massachusetts for the Autumn harvest with the local Wampanoag Tribe (53 colonists and 90 American Indians joined). This first celebration featured clams, mussels, lobster, eel, goose, swan, duck, pumpkins and ground nuts. Today, I am heading from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts – and although my celebration will be close to the original geographically, the cuisine will include potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and turkey. In the end, both celebrations will probably feature pumpkin and corn.

Gobble Gobble - Celebrate Turkey Day With These Finds

  1. Set of 2 Safavieh Calycopis Moroccan Accent Pillows. Although the pillows are based on a North African, Arabic design – if you look objectively, the pillows actually look like birds flying through the sky in the wind. Abstract expressionist turkeys!
  2. Torey Wahlstrom – Wild Turkey Feathers. These feathers were abandoned by some wild turkeys whom the roam the woods near my mother’s house in Connecticut. The wild turkeys there are large, beautiful birds who can often be spotted foraging for acorns on the forest floor. “Courageous” turkeys were Benjamin Franklin’s top choice for the national bird of America, but alas a bird of “bad moral character”, the bald eagle, won out in the end.
  3. Prepara® Collapsible Potato Masher. Chefs love this masher’s patented design, which folds for fast and easy storage. I love that it’s eco-friendly and that the color pops with a lime green handle!
  4. Meat and Potatoes Plate. TV dinner from CB2. New York artist Dan Golden maps out the all-American meal on white porcelain round. Simple black sketch outlines mashed potatoes, corn and supersized salisbury steak.
  5. Wild Turkey Bourbon is America’s best-selling, super-premium bourbon produced by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. Produced in extremely limited quantities as a super-premium bourbon, the 100-proof, 15-year-old hooch will come in a distinctive smart bottle, complete with strip stamp seal and commemorative box.
  6. Cranberry Candle. The DESICO candles are created by hand in Finland of the stearin and paraffin. Paraffin is used to make the candles burn smoothly and evenly. Stearin created bright, vibrant colors that are rich in tones.
  7. Metallic Purple Buckled Pilgrim Loafers by Marc Jacobs. Inspired by the first settlers? Maybe. Although I doubt those ultra conservative immigrants would have had leather from italy or ostentatious crystal embellishments. Either way, awesome.

Celebrate Turkey Day with products that go with the theme!

  1. 12 turkey & pie invites ( Thanksgiving Invitation) designed by Stacie Humpherys on Etsy. There’s nothing better than turkey followed by homemade pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Well, maybe except for turkey, then football, then pumpkin pie.Autumn
  2. Acorn Necklace on bronze chain by Modern Bijou via Etsy. Just in time for the season a beautiful autumn inspired acorn necklace. Made from a copper ox over brass metal bead cap, gold colored glass pearl bead accompanied with a brass ox over brass pendants leaf charm. Strung on a Antiqued Brass Iron Chain 3.3×6.6mm open link.
  3. Pure Country Weavers Massachusetts State Pillow. This nostalgic replica of a state pillow is reminiscent of needlework done by ladies in the 1940’s. The vibrant colors of these state maps would be a fine addition to any home decor.
  4. Pumpkin Party Flat from ModCloth. Tonight’s laid-back bash is all about pumpkins – from gourd-themed decor to pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, this party is a cornucopia of your favorite piece of autumnal produce!
  5. BareMinerals – The Elements – satin taupe/ autumn leaf/ soft slate/ teal smoke. A Thanksgiving inspired color palette for the eyes.
  6. Vintage Football Helmet by Fossil. Made in the USA, this red and tan leather football helmet has seen its fair share of tackles. Place it on your favorite shelf—it’s a must-have piece. What says Thanksgiving more than a dose of tossing (or watching) the pigskin.
  7. Fox Run Corn Holders, Set of 6. Nothing reminds me of corn on the cob (or my mother) quite like these classic “Good Housekeeping” holders. Hold on to your buttered corn cobs while avoiding greasy fingers with Fox Run’s corn holders. Simply press the metal skewers into the cob and you’re ready to eat.
  8. Stoneware TV Dinner Trays from Uncommon Goods. Gather your whole clan on the couch for a big helping of food, a side of entertainment, and a dash of nostalgia. Switch on a sitcom and start your own laugh track with friends and family members as you serve up a home-cooked version of the TV dinner in this set of two stoneware trays coated in a food-safe glaze. Picky eaters of all ages will cheer for separated servings of meats, starches, veggies and desserts, with no need for multiple takes and extra plates. Love is a dish best served warm.

What reminds YOU of this American holiday?


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Harvest Season

The autumnal equinox hits, the leaves begin to morph color, the air gets crisp and all you want to do is harvest apples, clothing and lifestyle items:

Shop by the Numbers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 

Shop by the Numbers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Shop by the Numbers: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7a / 7b / 8 

Sometimes it’s fun to be strictly literal with your attire and the seasons, no?