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Guest Post: Design Shuffle

I am super-duper (quadruple) excited to present a guest post by Joanna from Design Shuffle – shuffle over to her company website if you want a never-ending array of design ideas, decorating photos, and interior inspiration. Below, Joanna will discuss living with art (because it’s aesthetically good for you):

Hi! I’m Joanna, a writer for Design Shuffle, a terrific website for interior designers and design enthusiasts (such as yourself). I am passionate about all things design. Fortunately, my work has me searching the internet for the loveliest interior design ideas and images to share on blogs such as The Walkup. Today, I’m sharing art (requested by Keren from The Walkup) as a main focal point in some of my favorite living rooms. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to support local artists.

Abstract art in coral and turquoise hues act as the focal point of this traditional living room. The colors are pulled into the room through the furnishings and the accessories. Use a painting’s colors as the basis for furniture’s tones.

A mosaic over the fireplace serves as the focal point of this contemporary living room. The palette in this space is calming and serene (even with a mix of patterns, materials and textiles).

Large-format art takes this room by storm with its fluid use of grays and pinks. The color is drawn from the wall into the room with similar color accessories.

Asian-inspired artwork hangs above a low profile console table and as companion fabric on the decorative pillows.

A large mural covers the wall of this Zen living room. The sculpture above the fireplace looks as if it is naturally part of the artwork above and beside it – almost as if the painting is an organic extension of the room, as if vines are growing inside one’s home!  This one is going into my nature-inspired living room designs file.

A gallery wall of small prints and photos, like this one, is an excellent way to create a focal point in a corner of the room. A salon wall is an extremely easy way to mix and match favorite prints without needing a central color scheme or theme.

Black and white artwork sets the tone in this sophisticated living room. The animal-themed space offers several natural elements such as zebra chairs, animal prints, and tiny accents on the fireplace mantel.  Have you even seen the images from the Ashes and Snow exhibition by Gregory Colbert? These images would fit perfectly into a space such as this one – black and white photography allows “flaws” such as wrinkles, creases, light-levels and texture to be exhibited fully.

Andy Warhol-like art hangs above a dining area. It carries the eye across the space creating a nice focal point. Looking for decorating ideas to show off personal photos that have been printed into large format artistic prints? This is a terrific one.

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Are you looking to create a sophisticated and whimsical touch to your living room space? Don’t forget to check out our Miami Interior Designers for more living room design ideas.