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The Olympics: Sochi 2014

The Olympics always inspire me: humans pushing themselves to the limit in search of fulfillment, pride, glory, and their countries. Sometimes the stories are based on sheer determination, other times, in honor of siblings, in determination to represent friends, as a way to pay homage to their nations. Whatever the case may be, the humans who partake in the feats are extraordinary – often sacrificing normal lives in pursuit of a singular goal.

Vintage Olympic Travel Bag from the SixtiesThis bag  has great graphics of past Olympics host cities, listing them with their respective country flags from 1936 – 1968, though it is interesting to note that the Berlin flag stands in for the 1936 era German flag…

I still replay moments from the Beijing Opening ceremony (that perfect unison), Michael Phelps swimming, Nastia Liukin medal haul, the dream team, Misti and Kerri on the sand, Kerry Strugs landing, and Jesse Owen’s statement on civil rights. The Olympics represent a microcosm of the human spirit.

Team USA by Ralph LaurenPatches, sketches and other sources of inspiration for Ralph Lauren’s official Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan cover a design table at company headquarters.

Although I don’t think the USA was the best dressed at the Soshi 2014 Opening Ceremonies (did you see France’s Lacoste jackets? Mexico’s Cardigans? Spain’s Hats? Canada’s Hudson Pay Red Parkas? Sweden’s Leggings?)… I love my country and so let’s represent TEAM USA with the items below.

Inspired by the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, featuring limited edition TShirts, Sunglasses, Nailpolish and more!

  • Sheriff & Cherry gives a nod to the Olympic rings on these 5-color aviator sunglasses.
  • An illustrated history of the winter games (beginning in Chamonix in 1924) and the athletes, featuring stunning photography in the National Geographic fashion, Freeze Frame: A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics.
  • Designed exclusively for our collection for the 2014 U.S. Olympic Team, these fingerless gloves are made in the USA by Ralph Lauren from warm wool and feature a knit historical American flag and “USA” knit in patriotic colors.
  • Inspired by the heart of a winner, this Limited Edition Olympic glitter nail polish is called Champion by Let it Glitter!
  • This beautiful coat hanger with leather and natural wood is signed and designed by Valérie Windeck – who modeled them after the olympic rings!
  • The Olympic Rings Necklace by Bubble Jewelry is made of %100 cotton thread. When you can’t win a medal, you might as well wear this around your neck.
  • Sadly, we cannot all be great athletes…that’s why this stainless steel flask for the “USA Olympic Drinking Team” is for you!
  • Part of Vivienne Westwood’s 2012 Olympic themed collection, in honor of London’s’ home games, a highly graphic Medal Print T-Shirt.  I know it’s technically British but we’re friends and our flags do have the same colors…

Go #TeamUSA!

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