My obsession du jour is “The Himmeli!” This organic, geometric sculpture is named from the Swedish word ‘himmel’ meaning sky or heaven. Ever since I saw the artistic mobiles hanging in a J.Crew in SoHo, I find myself dreaming of simple and minimalist metals.  Originally built with stalks of straw grown from the prior years harvest, the designs would be prominently displayed in the main room of a cottage. It was thought that “the larger the himmeli crafted, the more prosperous the following season’s crop.”

The Himmeli by HRUSKAA via The WalkupLarge Abstract Himmeli no. 1 / Wall Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor

One purveyor of these unique Scandinavian designs particularly stands out. Meet Melissa from Gran Rapids, Michigan of HRUSKAA (pronounced Her-oo-shh-ka). Her favorite materials include straw, string, linen, leather and wood. Each of Melissa’s original designs are influenced by the pure simplicity of Scandinavian styling and are made for medium to small scaled spaces. 

The Himmeli by HRUSKAA via The WalkupLarge Copper Himmeli Wreath / Modern Geometric Wall Sculpture

Above, the perfectly faceted 22″ wreath inspired from the himmeli changes visual perspective from every angle, playing off its clever lines. It casts a beautiful geometric pattern on the wall when the light is just right, truly a sculptural piece of art to admire.

The Himmeli by HRUSKAA via The WalkupBrass Himmeli Wall Prism no. 1 / Modern Geometric Ornament / Air Plant Hanger 

An unconventional air plant vase hangs out casually and seamlessly with frames, antlers, and other forest creatures. It is perfectly sized to hold a Tillandsia, [aka. air plant] for display.  Hand sewn from solid brass straw and nylon cord, the metal is ‘bright’ but will naturally oxidize and darken over time.

The Himmeli by HRUSKAA via The WalkupLarge Abstract Himmeli no. 1 / Wall Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor
The Himmeli by HRUSKAA via The Walkup
Does it get any more white and clean than the Himmeli no. 6?

There is no better way to celebrate the Winter Solstice and to pay homage to the seasons!

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The Ocean

The beach, the waterfront, the coast, the ocean, the seashore, a littoral place – whatever you call the water, it’s easier to be inspired by hues of blues. Memorial Day, first and foremost, brings introspection and thankfulness. Regardless of one’s political lilt, I find it important to remember the fallen, to give honor and respect to those who sacrifice life and comfort for the stability of a national. As the famous American Mark Twain once wrote, “Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”

The second item is that Memorial Day ushers in the beginning of the summer. For we East Coasters, this means the mass migration to the rental homes, the shore bungalows and the coastal retreats! The turnpike is packed with the chugging of cars towards the tides.

The Walkup is Inspired by The Ocean on Memorial Day 2014


  • 1 (one) // Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist is the perfect, leave-in treatment for natural beachy waves.
  • 2 (two) //Bridge by Jeremy Miranda. Miranda is from Newport, RI and lives and works in Salem, MA. Print by Mammoth and Co.
  • 3 (three) // The Peking Pebble Parade pillow’s energetic vibe exudes seaside style. With eclectic charm, this decorative accessory pops with ocean turquoise circles across cream linen from Zinc Door.
  • 4 (four) // Fornash, striped shell earring in enamel and metal. The perfect, preppy stud with a pop of color.
  • 5 (five) // Starred and striped canvas espadrilles from the OAS. Sole made from braided natural materials.
  • 6 (six) // The Nanette Lepore Hula Hipsters and Underwire Top in blue motif.
  • 7 (seven) // Hay & Scholten & Baijings’ Color Carpet Rug #3. In the deft hands of  a couple, routine patterns and graphics are revitalized in joyful colorations with pastels and pops of neon.
  • 8 (eight) // Is there anything better than decorating a table with wildflowers and eating a meal outside under a clear summer sky? In Summer Food you’ll find suggestions for the perfect warm-weather dishes with more than 90 easy recipes for featuring fresh ingredients. Gorgeous, lifestyle photography throughout showcases the simplicity and beauty of summer.
  • 9 (nine) // In a sophisticated ocean blue hue, these handcrafted small and large ceramic accessories by Jamie Young express contemporary texture with molded geometric details. Can hold water.
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My Dream Vacation

As the hours of sun become longer, and summer approaches full steam, I find myself yearning for the beach – well, any beach. Who doesn’t love a good vacation (or dream and yearn for it almost daily)? But did you know that even the vacation planning process alone boosts happiness? Just the anticipation of a vacation can boost happiness for eight weeks!

A Venice Italy Honeymoon, by The Walkup, RCI Dream Vacation Sweepstakes In Venice, Italy the sunsets reflecting off of the canals created a golden bluish hue that I had never encountered. We were lucky enough to be in the city for The Regatta, a boat race and parade that only happens once every two years . The entire grand canal was closed for the amazing spectacle, as gondoliers rowed by in striped scarlet. 

I had fun planning, and received a little endorphin kick, through RCI’s “Win Your Dream Vacation Sweepstakes,” where you have the chance to win a getaway worth up to $25,000. In celebration of RCI’s 40th Anniversary, I recreated my honeymoon to Venice, Italy and throughout the Adriatic coastline of Croatia (Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik) and even its inland cities (Zagreb, Plitvice).

Croatia was a surprise to us because it contained the best of all worlds: beaches, boats, history, city life. We could lounge like fat lizards on hot rocks all day, and by night have delicious pasta, risotto or pizza in extremely historic locales. At one point, my husband and I were sipping cocktails next to Diocletian’s palace,  a Roman emperor from 284 to 305 CE. Totally surreal.

A Croatian Honeymoon, by The Walkup, RCI Dream Vacation Sweepstakes The best pizza I had in my life was an olive, anchovy, caper and onion pie with fresh cheeses! The Arena in Pula! Did you know that the Latin word for sand is “harena” – the floor of the arena was always made out of the stuff – hence the name!

RCI is the global leader in vacation exchanges and has created an easy vacation planner for their 40th anniversary. According to their site, I should be travelling to a spa in Brazil on the shore. Yes Please! Visit to see where you should travel next, and enter to win until June 18 – and the more you share your dream vacation through social media, the higher your chances of winning. Bon Voyage.

A Croatian Honeymoon, by The Walkup, RCI Dream Vacation Sweepstakes There are over a thousand islands in Croatia, some of which you can see above! Also, one of the most pristine lakes, and waterfalls in the entire world can be found in Plitvice National Park (I drank directly from the spring). Everywhere I turned there was an UNESCO World Heritage site!
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Where would your dream vacation be? Do you enjoy having every waking moment planned, with an exact itinerary, or you prefer a more laid back approach?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.