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Bedroom Breakdown

Interior design of Sabine Marchal

The Parisian owner, who brought many French pieces and ideas to this apartment in Madrid, retains a balance between feminine and masculine. The interior designer, Sabine Marchal,  paired classic comfort with glamorous touches of lucite and metal – très chic. The bed is framed by two dark columns. The tables lamps are by Maca Muñoz Victoriana Decoracion. French graffiti artist, Miss Van, breaks the formal tone of the bedroom. “Painting on walls was a way to show that I was boycotting the conventional art world,” Miss Van explains.

The high-brow, Gothic den is also playful. The carpet, Dolz Collection, and chairs, LA Studio, eggplant velvet Gancedo, complete a set of glossy and dramatic aubergine. Image via Nuevo Estilo.

Featuring Miss Van, Target, 1st Dibs, Burke Decor

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Outfit Inspired

Outfit Inspired by The Walkup

Look from the 2013 sneak preview of the new Saturday brand from the preppy meets mod folks at Kate Spade New York is. Slated to launch in March, the line will have a lower price point than previous Spade iterations while retaining the whimsical graphic nature of its beloved aesthetic. Everything about the designs embodies the weekend – relaxed, fun, carefree – with the brand mantra that “Saturday is escaping plans, Saturday is no alarm clock, Saturday is never soon enough”.  Live everyday like it’s Saturday:

  1.  Jack Wills – The Shrewsbury Cushion adds an instant pop of color and typography to any space. Like a neon Boggle board, the cool print will keep visitors entertained for hours wondering, “What does that spell?”
  2. Dering Hall – The Norell Ottoman with Lucite Legs is made from bespoke vintage scarves. The epitome of glam, use this as a coffee table or a silk cushioned chair. Hidden among the legs is the designer’s signature.
  3. Williams-Sonoma – The Oval Stoneware Bread Basket looks pleasing but it also serves a clever function. Tucked inside this heated stoneware basket, baked goods stay warm at the table. It’s easy to use: Place the basket in a 350°F oven for approximately 15 minutes; line it with a cloth napkin before filling with warm breads or muffins. The thick base will continue to gently radiate heat.
  4. Jonathan Adler – The Capuchine Water Tower is made of stripes of matte cream poured over unglazed brown clay. The studip’s pottery begins its life in a Soho studio, where Jonathan and his team design and sculpt every prototype. Yet, the product you are viewing is produced by skilled artisans at his main workshop in Peru!
  5. Rainbow Darkness – The POW Comic Book Expression Post Earrings are the perfect gift for any geek chic girl who has a passion for super heroes! Remember those dorky yet awesome Adam West batman shows from the sixties? These earrings get the vibe perfectly.
  6. Superette – The Tosca & Salome Skull Candle  in pink is a strikingly morbid yet effeminate display. I only imagine it becoming creepier as the wax melts over the eye sockets.

Outfit Inspired via The Walkup

The Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration is a huge success. Armed with a bright arsenal of spring ready looks, the aptly named LOVE collection feels like a flutter of delicate butterfly kisses on one’s cheek. Saccharine but hip. “This collection was inspired by love, and if Target’s guests can feel even a little bit of the love that I felt while designing this collection, then I will consider it a job well done,” said Gurung. Can you feel the amore?

  1. Crate & Barrel – The Kuhn Rikon Green Y Peeler combines the elegance of Scandinavian Design with the irrelevant joy of pistachio green. You can’t “peel” yourself away.
  2. Macy’s – The butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Collection is inspired by the charming colors and silhouettes of the 50’s era. Shades influenced by soft pastels of cotton candy, milkshakes, and macaroons enhance its playful feminine edge. A brilliant sherbet, luxe lemon, and peppy violet are paired with an icy mint, a rich candy pink and a creamy khaki for a statement that’s sweet but chic.
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue – Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo instills one with the elegance of Italian style. The top notes bring the touches of Sicily with sweet freshness of bergamot, united with Frangipani flower, orange blossom, green almond, and star anise. The heart introduces the notes of white peach, coffee grains and white jasmine. The base is composed of velvety and powdery Bourbon vanilla, light musk, cedar and milky warm sandal wood. Notes of orange blend with green Mediterranean almond and ylang-ylang. The base notes blend cedar wood, vanilla, and white musk. Swim in it.
  4. C Wonder – These Monogram Paper Napkins give your table a personal touch with a cheerful monogrammed cocktail napkins, designed in a bright array of patterns. The party-perfect set of 20 paper napkins makes every toast even more fun!
  5. Bloomingdale’s – Bumble and bumble Seaweed Conditioner is a lightweight detangler made with marine seaweed and spirulina.  Marine greens are practically  ideal for frequent bathers. It Gently detangles, nourishes, softens, and helps to manage freshly-washed hair. The lovely branding doesn’t hurt either.
  6. Pier 1 Imports – Bamboo Tray in Citron Green. I am still amazed at what Vietnamese artisans can do with bamboo. In this case, they’ve spun bamboo fibers into a serving tray complete with handles, then hand-painted it with a brilliant, glossy green finish. The result is very strong, very light and very beautiful.
  7. HORNE – The Marigny Pillow in Atmosphere incorporates colors drawn from the architecture of New Orleans, Marigny is an homage to a vibrant city with a rhythm all its own. Kimberly Lewis pillows are printed on cotton twill made in New York City.
  8. MoMA Design Store – The Sprocket Wall Clock is from the celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser, whose I ♥ NY rebus is in the MoMA collection, this ultra-thin plastic wall clock, with both a number and a color spectrum, displays time in an unconventional way. A rotating disk with a circular hole reveals the hour, while the red hand denotes minutes.


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La Republica Dominicana

One day last week, my fiance and I were trolling the interwebs hoping to find last minute package vacation deals. We were both frazzled from wedding planning and what seemed like a never-ending series of house guests. Seeing the promise of a three-day weekend (thank you President’s Day), we pressed the “purchase” button for the best rate we could find to a country whose average temperatures was in the tropical range. We escaped the snow in New York City and hopped aboard an airplane. Viva spontaneity!

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

We stayed in the Boutique Hotel Palacio, a 44 room converted villa in the Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) of the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo.  The property, was the old residence of Buenaventura Báez a politician who served five terms as president of the Dominican Republic and is noted principally for his attempts to have the United States annex his country.

It seems that Mr. Buenaventura Baez himself never lived in this house although he was the owner, but his sons and grandchildren did. One of them was Dr. Ramón Baez, who was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and elected president of the Dominican Republic from the 27th of August till 15th of December 1914.

Dominican RepublicDominican Republic

Bursting with Spanish Colonial architecture, the small hotel is only steps from El Conde, the main drag in the old city. The hotel itself has a wonderful Moorish design with colonial Spanish accents, a prince example of villas of the time period. Believe it or not, the building itself is considered “new” in the Zona Colonial where many buildings remain etched from Coral Reef Stone from the 16th century.  There is a marvelous central courtyard with tables and umbrellas where one can dine, observe an old well, and view local birds. There are a couple of different anterooms, and smaller courtyards which are  charmingly appointed.

Image found on Creative Commons via Richie Diesterheft

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Knowing almost nothing about this Caribbean nation, but loving history, Michael and I embarked on a haphazard, spontaneous and eye-opening adventure. We happened upon the first Cathedral in the Americas, the first hospital in the New World (San Nicolás de Bari), and unique native histories. When Columbus first landed on the shores of this island, the Arawaks called it Haiti, signifying “high ground,” but the western portion was also called Babeque or Bohio, meaning “land of gold” and the eastern part Quisqueya, meaning “mother of the earth.” The name Quisqueya is the one by which Dominican poets now refer to their country.


Via Creative Commons user Genosonic

Ciudad Colonial is the oldest permanent European settlement of the New World. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Spaniards used this settlement as the first point of influence in the Americas, from which they conquered other Caribbean islands and much of the American mainland. Santo Domingo was initially the political and cultural hub of Spanish presence in the new world, but after a few decades started to decline as the Spaniards focused their attention more on the mainland after conquering Mexico, Peru, and other regions of Latin America.

Samuel Hazard: "Santo Domingo, Past and Present; With a Glance at Hayti." New York, 1873 (Harper Brothers), p. 219.Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic

Vintage maps from of the “New World” could be found throughout the hotel – they extolled faraway places such as West India, Barbary, Hispaniola and so forth. The art on the walls was of old aristocrats, long passed, and sailing vessels. A book titled “Santo Domingo A Country With A Future” written in 1918 by Otto Schoenrich explains it best, ” When Columbus, in December, 1492, sailed along the northern coast of the island of Haiti or Santo Domingo, he was more enchanted with what he saw than he had been with any of his previous discoveries. Giant mountains, covered with verdant forests, seemed to rise precipitately from the blue waters and lift their heads to the very clouds. Beautiful rivers watered fertile valleys, luscious fruits hung from the trees, fragrant flowers carpeted the ground, and the air was filled with the songs of birds of gay plumage.”

Not only did we bring back many cigars, mamajauna and a new love of mofongo, we now also want to decorate are home like that of an explorer. I don’t mean to romanticize conquistadors, the age of exploration, the spread of disease, and so forth – but I do love the typeface, arched masonry, wrought iron balustrades, styling and reserved grandeur of colonial villas.

via The Walkup

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