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On a very wet day, on the almost frozen banks of the Hudson River, VOLTA NY held its seventh annual exhibition, and inaugural showing at Pier 90 in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The somber weather minimized the number of competing eyeballs for art and foot traffic on the exhibition paths. Selfishly, this helped me to connect on a very deep level with many of the galleries’ offerings.

VOLTA NY is a platform for challenging, often complementary — and sometimes competing — ideas about contemporary art. The show is related to The Armory, in that it happens simultaneously, however its focus is diffrent. Rather than a gallery exhibition focuses on its largest ticket names, or proliferating its booth with as many recognizable pieces as possible, the shows begs visitors to deeply focus. In short, the show is about organic discovery and solo projects.

Stopping for artsy snacks from Little Neck, Everyman Espresso and Er Baretto, and lots of desserts between the booths, the entire experience felt otherworldly because of the gloomy day and its disconnect with bright acrylic, neon lights and seemingly surreal visuals.

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Keren Veisblatt Toledano is a User Experience Designer at Berya LLC. In her spare time she can be found soaking in Epsom salts, admiring copper pots, reading dystopian science fiction or sneaking a slice of lemon into her drinks. Her motto is, “A morning without coffee is sleep.” She lives in Philly with her cat, Cagney, partner, Michael, and son, Josiah.