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The Armory Show

Every March, like the migration of strange Monarch butterflies, artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from across the globe make New York their destination during Armory Arts Week. From March 7-10, 2013, stationed at the Chelsea Piers 92 & 94 overlooking the Hudson, a hangar’s worth of creativity bustles in the largest NYC art fair. The fair has changed locations since its inaugural 1913 debut – from the East Side to Chicago to the Cincinnati Art Museum to Amherst College – ultimately that its coming back to its roots. The piers at the Armory Show, now designated as Contemporary and Modern, are devoted to showcasing the most important, notorious, and emerging artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Erica and Max

My friends Max and Erica enjoy a Pain au chocolat, muffin, Diet Coke and Coffee in the VIP Lounge fitted by Roche Bobois.

The Armory Show 2013The Armory Show 2013

The Hudson River on the West Side of the island was once central to to the city’s trade and transportation infrastructure. With the success of the auto industry, American’s reliance on waterways diminished and all-but-halted. Businesses at the piers closed down and many structures were left to decay. The desolate, vacuous spaces could be dangerous territory but also offered temporary homes to various artist projects, the most illustrious, perhaps, being Gordon Matta-Clark’s iconic Day’s End on Pier 52 in 1974.

The Armory Show 2013

The Armory Show 2013

The Armory Show 2013

Samsøn Projects of Boston had a booth arrayed with bongs, Carl Sagan and retail price tag fastener, featuring the works of Todd Pavlisko. 

The Armory Show 2013

The Armory Show 2013

Peter Liversidge, Ingelby Gallery London.

Peter Liversidge’s presented by Ingelby Gallery, London. Etc, 2011, neon.  Remember the seen from The King and I? Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera!

The Armory Show 2013
The Armory Show 2013 Destined to be a new Penguin ClassicLove Kicked Me Down (Where I Belong) by Harland Miller. 

The Armory Show 2013

The “Day’s End” Champagne Bar at the Armory Show Contemporary section. Little did you know that this Pommery Champagne bar is steeped in art history. The special light-bulb sculpture Day’s End, 2013, is site-specific installation by Peter Liversidge that references an eponymous work by Gordon Matta-Clarke on pier 52 from 1974-75; and Marcel Duchamp & Ulf Linde – Posterity Will Have a Word to Say, a special tribute to the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Armory Show, curated by Jan Åman. Drink up.

Cary Leibowitz Cary Leibowitz Cary Leibowitz

Cary Leibowitz’s  installation from Invisible Exports was a little too on-the-nose with its pessimistic yet honest take on pie charts, cliches and children’s rhymes.

Kevin-Harman_ForeverKevin Harman, Forever, 2012, mirror, carved oak frames, padlock 137 x 88 x 26 cm. INGLEBY GALLERY.

James-Hugonin-Binary-Rhythm-III-2011James Hugging, Binary Rhythm (III), 2012, oil and wax on wood, 189.5 x 169 cm.  INGLEBY GALLERY.

The Armory Show 2013

Brian Calvin, Can With A Landscape (Robin), 2009.  The otherworldly, martian quality of the artist’s portraits is ominous. Alex Katz’s influence on Calvin seems obviously delightful.

The Armory Show 2013 DSC_0577

Rod Bianco Gallery will featured Norwegian artists Bjarne Melgaard and Sverre Bjertnes, who debuted a site-specific presentation of new collaborative works created expressly for the fair. The installation included tons of bric-a-brac (including a Chanel Jacket): all in homage to celebrated New York gallerist Mary Boone.

The Armory Show 2013

Excerpt from Pilar Corrias’ artist Koo Jeong A from South Korea. Since the early 1990s, Koo Jeong A has made works that are somehow  commonplace, yet at the same time remarkably precise, deliberate, and considered.

The Armory Show 2013

Tala Madani’s provocative, humorous and simplistic vignettes questioned sexuality and machismo with the occasional touch of feces. Barbara Kruger, 'Untitled (The Meaning Of Life Is That It Stops)', 2008

Barbara Kruger, ‘Untitled (The Meaning Of Life Is That It Stops)’, 2008, screenprint on vinyl, 89 x 109. Corporate America and philosophy be damned.

The Armory Show 2013Julian Opie, Daniel

Julian Opie, Daniel, 2013. Gallery Bob Van Orsouw.

The Armory Show 2013

Erica poses esoterically in front of Richard Deacon’s Purple Republic. 

The Armory Show 2013Jose Dávila’s A Brief History of Sculpture, 2012 challenges the audience to test their knowledge of 3D, publicly installed, art history. I spied some missing Calder and Bourgeois…

The Armory Show 2013

The strange orb which begged closer inspection was made of toothpicks, eggshells, string, lamps and a tripod. So frail, the mixed media piece by Sarah Sze, seemed ready to collapse at any moment. 

The Armory Show 2013

Tony Oursler5 Spot (2012), Archival print and 1 LCD screen on panel.

The Armory Show 2013

The Armory Show 2013

Rashaad Newsome, Venus vs. Mars, 2013, collage in customized antique frame, 38 x 46 x 5 inches. Marlborough Gallery.

,The Armory Show 2013

Hideaki Kawashima, Border, 2010, 28.6 x 23.9 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas. Richard Heller Gallery.


Yuko Someya, Rabbit on the moon and flower of poppy, 2008, 57 x 44 Inches, watercolor, pencil, lithograph ink, japanese paper on canvas mounted on wood panel

Which artwork would you put in your bedroom? 

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