Also referred to as SNOMG and SNOWTF, the North American blizzard affectionately known as Juno is gracing Brooklyn. I am indoors, under a chunky knit blanket, having just made Italian wedding soup (gluten free) and sipping wine. The radiators are hissing away.

For the first hour, snow in NYC is gloriously white and pristine. The city is becalmed, and covered in a blanket of pixie dust. The streets close, the walkways come to a halt, and all is still. Then, the dogs begin to piss, and the oil leaks, and the soot returns. But, oh what a lovely hour!

Blizzard Juno Comfy Gear AKA How to Stay Fashionable Indoors in the Winter

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“The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.” ― e.e. Cummings

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Winter White

The temperatures are steadily holding below 32 degrees fahrenheit, and snow is continually blanketing the black asphalt and grit  of the city to make way for crisp, clean, and glistening alabaster. Sometimes everything should be whitewashed!

style at home july 2010 - white feature - producer, margot austin, photography by edward pondImage via Style at Home, July 2010. Photography by Edward Pond.

The_Walk_Up_Post_Meta_TagThe color is traditionally associated with cleanliness, purity and brightness. White is the color of milk, pearls, clouds, eggshells, chalk, salt and now your home! However, be prepared to spot-clean often and to not have young children!