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Fly Eagles Fly

Well, it’s been just about two years since my last post. No use in catching you up in all that’s happened. Hint: it’s a lot! My ‘baby’ is two. I now live in Philly. We bought a new house! So many more updates with so many more exclamation points!

But, the one thing that brings me back to the blog is that The Eagles are in the Super Bowl! The eagle has landed! The whole city is seeing green (with accents of silver, black, and white). We’re the Emerald City of Oz. The excitement is palpable.

I don’t typically associate the NFL with fashion, especially since they seem to believe that all women want to only wear pink v-neck options in honor of their favorite teams.

So, here are a few ways to be a stylish fan:

Stylish options inspired by Super Bowl 52. The Philadelphia Eagles!

  1. Diana Was A Birds Fan Tee / 2. RAEY – Dropped-shoulder wool-blend blanket coat / 3. DIPTYQUE – Colored Figuier Candle in Fig Tree / 4.  Green Marble Coasters (No better place to put your beer) / 5. Foles-gers Blend from ReAnimator Coffee (all proceeds benefit The School District of Philadelphia) / 6. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea By Rose Carrarini / 7. 1988 Authentic Philadelphia Eagles Sweater / 8. New Balance 996

*Note: I prefer the vintage Kelly Green color!

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Meet & Greet – Candace

Candace and I first met in middle school, at an after-school program called STEP (Special Talented Enrichment Program) Music Theater. We both loved singing, particularly anything by Jonathan Larson, Eric Whitacre or Jason Robert Brown. We performed alongside one another for over six years in everything from Latin chorales, French lullabies, pop duets,  madrigals and more! We both also hold a fondness for Nintendo, but that sort of nerdom can go into another post.

Name: Candace Tomkiel
 City: Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Occupation: SEO Account Manager at Razorfish Healthware
 Age: 26


Walkup Spacer Line

And as part of my ongoing EAT/SEE/SHOP/DO series, I asked Candace to come up with a short list of her Philadelphia favorites. Let’s delve into the city of brotherly love!

  • EAT: Oh god there’s too many. I’m going to go with Wedge & Fig (great brunch!) but I could do a story just about food in Philly and how amazing it is.
  • SEE: I’m going to go with the Ben Franklin Bridge – I can see it from my condo and I love running across it too (it’s 4 miles for me to run from my condo over the bridge to NJ and back). There’s something kind of nice about being able to see the way to get to one’s home state from one’s new house!


Photograph of Reading Terminal by Jared Kofsky.
  • SHOP: IT’S A TIE! Between the Italian Market and Reading Terminal Market. Fresh veggies, cheese, fish, meat etc. I just love both markets, they remind me so much of markets in Italy or Spain!
  • DO: I already said this in SEE but I love running in Philly, across the Ben Franklin Bridge or to Kelly Drive. Gorgeous views of Philly on both routes. I also love going to Karaoke on Tuesdays/Quizzo on Wednesdays at National Mechanics – National Mechanics is actually a fairly historic building that was originally built as a bank in 1837.


  • INSPIRE: The people around me are who really inspire me. As such, I try to surround myself with friends and family as much as I can, whether it’s mentoring new co-workers, hosting dinner parties at my condo, or organizing events with my alumni club.

Do you have any friends that remind you of Candace? Let’s MEET & GREET them!



Did you know that the word “graffiti” is actually the plural for the term? If one is talking about a singular piece, it is referred to as graffito. This makes sense when I think about the famous contemporary artist Speedy Graphito. Graffiti has been around since the Greco-Roman days. I was once on a dig in Israel when the conservator pointed out an area in a cave wherein a young Greek whippersnapper painted his name in “modern greek letters” across the wall of a family’s living room. Vandalism has been around for a long time. Graffiti and graffito are from the Italian word graffiato (“scratched”).  The greek letters I saw in the cave in Israel were indeed chiseled or scratched.

Graffiti by Miss Van and Ciou in Barcelona, Spain

After hours of searching, I still cannot find this artist (but maybe that’s the point). Notice the panda’s hat is tagged in a tribute to famous graffiti artist/collective Space Invader.

This piece is entitled ‘Riot… My Way’ by D*Face, a London based artist – I love the pun in the name.

Jean Michel Basquiat‘s tag as a teenager, created with friends Al Diaz and Shannon Dawson. Standing for “Same Old Shit” appeared in New York City from 1977 to early 1980.

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