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Mixology (16)

Ring: If only I had more than ten fingers, I could continually and infinitely stack rings to my hearts content! Baubles on top of baubles! This adjustable ring features a druzy-like stone in organic shapes – the asymmetrical center stone is perfect for stacking! Put together the pastels for spring-time perfection, or add in the elegant metallic black version for a dose of nighttime sparkle. To purchase visit Bauble Bar, here/ Room: Can we talk about the interplay of the metallic silvers, golds, and soft pinks? Gentle, european yet industrial! Also, who doesn’t want crusty bread? Image found via Norwegian blog Designhund.

Ring: Have the flora and fauna of the wild been calling to you? Do you want to represent the animal kingdom in your everyday wear? This striking 14k Gold Plated House Of Harlow Antler Long Ring features a Cabochon Blue stone framed by an Antler inspired design. The ring has the glamour of the 1970’s with the excitement of an African safari! To purchase go here! / Room: The people at Horchow strike again with this Faux-Antler Chandelier, wool rug, and jewel toned teal sofa! The light streaming in also perfectly reflects off of the mirrored side tables (also don’t you just love how two small tables pushed side-by-side become one long coffee table?) Image found here.

Ring: Made in Italy by the famed Alexander McQueen design house this Swarovski crystal accented wrap design embellished with two skulls is both opulent, exuburent and yet macabre! To purchase, go here. / Room: Perhaps this skull wallpaper will be so wicked that it will war off your nightmares? The mix of luxury metals and dark wallpaper makes a lavish bedroom! The magnificent Skulls design reflects Barbara Hulanicki’s mischievous side. She says, “I love the almost shock element that you don’t instantly see the skull design unless you really look at the paper. She jokes, “This wallpaper would be particularly good in the guest loo!” To order a sample or to purchase, go here.

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Hey Arnold!

My good friend Andrew Springer works for Good Morning America on ABC. He is the guru for all things television and is often spotted reading a hard cover, non-fiction book on the history of the medium. No really, this kid has a killer commute and refuses to switch over to e-books, he likes dog-earing the pages and feeling the paper! But, I digress, Springer is my go-to grand poobah on the history of network television and the rise of certain thematic media trends. He was actually my friend who suggested I do a post on The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s interior design and set design, HERE. I recently asked him for his next suggestions – I was thinking of recreating the look from the oh-so-eighties “Clarissa Explains it All” but he suggested another Nickelodeon classic, Hey Arnold!. He texted me, “Remember his TOTALLY AWESOME bedroom?”. I do remember his bedroom, and I think the space officially accounts for the first time I was ever jealous of a cartoon. I think the creators of the cartoon even knew how cool it was since they dedicated an entire episode to its powers.

The cartoon Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett (author of Rugrats) and premiered in 1996. It ran for five seasons, had exactly 100 episodes, and…. Bartlett originally set out  to become a painter “in the 19th-century sense”, but started pursuing a career in animated films because of inspiration he found during a trip to Italy. It also did not hurt that Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, is Craig Bartlett’s brother-in-law. This new career turn brought him to claymation and Pee-wee’s Playhouse (another cult classic), it turns out Arnold was actually a minor character spun-off from this series, and was originally greenlit as  “Arnold Saves the Neighborhood”.

Hey Arnold! takes place in the fictional American city of Hillwood. The nebulous city seems to be based on large, metropolitan  cities, including Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and New York City with sporadic references to Nashville, TN and Allentown, PA, as mentioned in the Sally’s Comet Episode. Basically, the city is an amalgam of urban Americana. The series chronicles the life of Arnold, a 4th-grader in a nameless city , who lives in a multi-racial boarding house with his grandparents and a motley assortment of neighbors and friends. He is a reluctant hero, problem solving, and always forced to “do the right thing”. I learned several things from Hey Arnold!; how to spell the word “qualm”, to never eat raspberries, to never try to make a pig listen, how to judge hitting baseballs in the wind, saw my first televised bar mitzvah, the plight of refugees of The Vietnam War and adoption in tore worn countries (Mr. Hyunh and his a daughter, Mai), and a million lessons on ‘not judging a book by its cover’.

“The boy with the cornflower hair. Me beloved, and my despair.” – Helga

Image found HERE.

SO HOW DO I RECREATE THIS BEDROOM SO THAT STOOP KID WILL BE AFRAID TO LEAVE THE STOOP (and stay in the house?) The skylight is key, with a modern meets industrial vibe.

Image found HERE.

A modern day rendering and replica of Hey Arnold’s Room, HERE.

Image by Lotta Agaton, via HERE.

Image found HERE.

Image found HERE.

Van Vorst Park — Jersey City, New Jersey, Image found HERE.

Image found HERE.

Arnold had a very 1960’s to 1970’s anthropomorphic and avocado/orange rug. His walls was a blue green with alien print and ufos on the. His bedspread and blanket were a solid seafoam color. He had a very funky starburst, Eames style clock on one wall. Some of the details were very nifty-fifities diner-esque. He had a dusty pink modular storage unit with space for books, knickknacks and orange drawers. In the middle of the room sat an old car Bench Seat (or diner booth?) in red upholstery. He had a radiator, a fish tank, a PC, flowers, a show rack, an oblong egg chair, and he had track lighting. Somehow both urban, inexpensive, and modern.

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What is your favorite TV bed room?

P.S. All screencaps found HERE.


Mixology (8)

Socks: POLKA DOTS SOCKS by Etiquette Clothiers, found HERE / Room:  Tim Walker polka dot room walls from Vogue Italia

Socks: Antipast, the rise argyle & stripe socks, found HERE. / Room:  Susan Diana Harris Interior Design, San Francisco, CA, Ballpark Condo, image found HERE.

Socks: Kate Spade, FOREVER STRIPE KNEE HIGH SOCK, found HERE. / Room: Anthony Baratta LLC, New York, NY, US, SEASIDE, image found HERE. 

My boyfriend, Michael, says, “Socks are the lynchpin of any good outfit”.