Gobble, gobble.  Welcome to the most travelled day in America. The AAA predicts just about 46.3 million people will be on the roads today. So, please pass the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, it’s time for football, family (the kind you see only once a year who insist on awkward conversation) and festivities!

Feathers, Pie, Turkey, Wishbones, Cranberry and Pumpkin all make an appearance in clothing and home decor this Thanksgiving.

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“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. – William Blake”

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Brand Loyalty

Luis Gispert is a Jersey born, Brooklyn-based artist who is enamored with the idea of authenticity and branding. Gispert‘s “Decepción”, was a show at the Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea, NYC, that was hyper focused on a subculture devoted to making both cars and clothes into personal showrooms for designer-logo fabrics. Gispert became so obsessed with the logo-crazy niche that he has continued documenting this culture via photographs for the two years.

(Luis Gispert, Sprouse Gouse, 2011, C-print)

The New York Times article explaining the exhibition states, “The creators of these logomobiles are fashionistas aspiring to wealth and glamour they can own. One Escalade plunges passengers into a total Takashi Murakami “LV” environment. Another car’s interior is upholstered in the graffiti-scribbled, Day-Glo green patented by Stephen Sprouse. And another is screaming pink, with Coach “C” stirrups covering every surface surrounding its rosy leather seats.”[Read more]