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Meet & Greet

I literally do not know how to begin to even discuss the glory that is Sonja (née Vitow…but legally her name is Sonja Robinson Vitow). Sonja recently married her high school sweetheart (Samuel Skeen…so much alliteration), and fellow member of the self-touted group, “The Good Squad” in January, at The Franklin Institute’s Planetarium, in Philadelphia, PA. Seriously though, does it get any more nerdy/hip? This combination of both uber nerdy and somehow alarmingly chic best describes the wonder of Sonja (whose nicknames include Sun Jar, Sun Yi, et. al.)

But let us (be kind and) rewind; how did Sonja and I meet? The short answer is: BANGS. No really. Sonja and I were both members and editors of a literary magazine based at The George Washington University known as Le Culte du Moi (website not updated since 2009). We actually did not like one another, in fact, we had gotten into a few fights. During the thaw of winter hiatus, and upon our return to the first lit. mag. meeting of the semester, we showed up to the event wearing THE SAME OUTFIT WITH THE SAME HAIRCUT. It was a sign from the gods above – the heavens sang, a million angels threw confetti streamers from cumulonimbus clouds, and Zeus bowled a thunderous strike. The rest, as they say, is history. Now we are as inseparable as two friends, who live in cities 230 miles apart, could possibly be (thank you Skype, Gchat, SMS). I was also a bridesmaid in her wedding (which has the high distinction of being the only wedding wherein the maids want to wear and actually REPEAT the wearing of their dresses…and the wedding was PEACOCK THEMED). Clearly her life inspires me use parentheticals overzealously.

Sonja is one of those individuals who is a a multitalented, ambidextrous, pluralistic, amalgam of a person. What the hoohaw does that mean? She speaks French, German, Spanish, and a wee bit of Norwegian. She translates poetry for fun. She writes short stories, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction (See: The Great Boston Molasses Disaster). Sonja is currently pursuing an M.F.A. at Emerson College, and has been published by The Safety Pin Review, The Meadowland Review, and Gulf Coast Magazine, she was event shouted out by the L.A. Times recently; learn more about her myriad achievements HERE.

If I am being completely candid, the only thing that I (possibly) do not like about Sonja is her weird affinity for hockey.


Name: Sonja Robinson Vitow

Location: Beantown (Boston, MA)

Job: Intern at the Boston Preservation Alliance, Graduate Assistant at Emerson College, MFA Candidate in Creative Writing at Emerson College

Age: 24 (AND A HALF)

And as part of my ongoing EAT/SEE/SHOP/DO series, Sonja has dreamed up some favorites in her city: