Wassupbrothers Giveaway

Introducing Olga Zamyatina, from Moscow, Russia of the clever Etsy shop, Wassupbrothers. Olga adores making decor with fabric but she is particularly fond of creating creatures. These stuffed animals may look like toys, but it’s best to think of each piece as a soft sculpture. The items are not meant to be played with but rather, used as art and knickknacks around the home. Cotton, felt, velvet and lace with stuffing are not just for kids anymore! Olga and her husband Igor have two funny and wonderful dogs. Igor works as a photographer and supports Olga by taking beautiful photos of the creations in her shop.

Wassupbrothers Giveaway

Some of Wassupbrother’s creatures can look alike but no two are ever  the same. Olga attempts to repurpose, recycle, and reuse different materials as often as is possible. It’s magic to see, how small pieces of fabric, vintage buttons, sweaters or old dresses turn into a soulful creations. Since Olga is vegan, she even douses her fabrics in natural, organic dyes like tea, coffee, cinnamon and more.

The owner explains, “I found the art of soft toys and have been stuck on them ever since. They give me the opportunity to use all the skills and creativity I’ve accumulated over the years, and bring me so much joy and pleasure. When I made my first owl I did not think of it as a serious endeavor, but now I can’t imagine a time when I did not create my soft little friends.”

Olga was nice enough to offer one lucky reader of The Walkup not one, but two little friends:

Wassupbrother Giveaway


Ella owl is a lacy, peaceful, greenminded and friendly owl.  She have movable wings, fixed with the buttons. Her chest is decorated with beautiful cotton vintage lace. On the bottom, Grumpy Cat is a hand-sewn and hand embroidered brooch. Made with vintage, thick felt, it is a great quality material from Russian Soviet Marine’s overcoats. Does everyone see the resemblance to Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, the Internet “catlebrity” known for her disgruntled facial expression?

Wassupbrothers GiveawayMeet Crupitsik owl, as small as a tomato, Prince Gustav little owl, the photographer, and their little bunny companipons!

Not just for nurseries, Olga’s products fit perfectly in a kitchen or on cabinets in your living room and office. The animals are truly little sculptures! Olga is an artist whose medium is fabric.

Wassupbrothers GiveawayCarrot soft sculptures in a bunch. Carrots tops are made from tea-dyed vintage cotton lace and synthetic lace. Mr. Bat Henry Forrester,  is made of faux fur in natural and warm earthy tones. His wings and ears are layered with the teadyed lace.


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The Endangered Species Print Project

The Endangered Species Print Project (ESPP) offers limited-edition art prints of critically endangered species. The number of prints available corresponds with the remaining animal or plant populations. For example, only 45 Amur Leopards remain in the wild, so for this edition, only 45 prints will ever be made.

Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler

The ultimate goal of ESPP is to use art as a form of activism!

I love the idea of limited print runs in art but, I never think about the fact that animals can be in a “capsule collection” or “limited edition”.  By (literally) drawing attention to the plight of wildlife in an artistic and creative way, ESPP can reach new audiences and their artwork creates meaningful conversation.
The Endangered Species Print Project
GUAM MICRONESIAN KINGFISHER, December 2011, 8″ x 10″ archival ink jet print by Justin Richel // DWARF TROUT LILY, May 2010, 8″ x 10″ Giclée Print by Matthew Hilshorst

ESPP was born in 2009, and is the brainchild of artists Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler. The project features the work of over thirteen artists and counting. After years of showing their art about the Natural World in the Gallery World, Kendler and Schafer’s decided to operate outside this white-wall system and use their artistic talents to directly support conservation efforts and biodiversity on Planet Earth.

The Endangered Species Print Project

ESPP joins with conservation organizations around the globe, whose work puts them on the front lines of the battle to save our planet’s diverse and beautiful heritage. In short, the project combines nature and art (with a purpose). Two of my favorite things.

Be Inspired by the Flora and the Fauna: