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Sylvie is the girlfriend of a work colleague of mine. She also happens to be a budding girl crush. This is based on a bevy of reasons, not the least of which is her ability to rock thick frames ala a Warby Parker advertisement, our shared love of Bengal kitties, and her penchant for purple hair as if it were an organic coiffure color. Friendships have been built on less. Although her day job is involves publishing, her superhero power is actually photography. An unnamed baby name site also tells me that the name Sylvie is a variant of a latin name which means “forest” – so I feel like there’s also something elvish and deep to be said there…

Photographer, Literary Agent, and Cat-lover. Meow!

Name: Sylvie Rosokoff
Location: New York, New York
Job: Associate Director of Foreign Rights at a literary agency by weekday, 
Photographer extraordinare by weekend
Age: 28

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Let’s get to know the woman who dons a floral crown as naturally as if she were Lana Del Ray, or an actual wildflower patch in Norway.

EAT: I love Candle 79 on the Upper East Side for their all-vegan menu, especially the brunch choices–their BBQ seitan sandwich is my favorite way to kick off Sunday afternoon. Closer to home, I visit Spiga on the Upper West Side as often as I can for some of the best homemade pastas I’ve ever tasted, and amazing service to boot.

Photographer, Literary Agent, and Cat-lover. Meow!

SEE: I want to explore more of Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights; I recently shot a wedding there, and its quirky architecture and multicolored foliage were almost an autumn cliché–in the best possible way! Also, the old photobooth in the lobby of the ACE Hotel in “NoMad,” a newly-named neighborhood north of Madison Ave, where I work. It takes credit cards!
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Babies, dancing, rococo architecture, cookies and ribbons.

SHOP: Greenwich Letterpress in the West Village for paper products; Adorama in the Flatiron District for camera gear and rentals. 
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Which do you prefer: the city, the mountains or the beach?  

DO: Reading for work and pleasure; walking with no destination in mind, usually accompanied by comedy podcasts; scouting locations and brainstorming ideas for future photoshoots.
 Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

The Sun, The Snow, The Clouds, The Bricks. Bricks are a form of weather, no?

INSPIRE: When I showed a colleague my photos from a recent work trip, he said “I don’t remember London as being that colorful, but now I will!”  THAT’S what inspires me! I want to show everyone little things, probably colorful things, they otherwise would have missed. 
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Icarus, my polydactyl bobtail bengal cat, who’s the subject of many a photo these days and who looks dashing in a bow tie. 

Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!
In conclusion, Sylvie is wildly talented and should absolutely be hired as your next professional photographer – even if the shoot is simply mundane – she will find the details which make the world radiant. 

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