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Prospect Heights Brownstone

Ever since seeing The Royal Tenenbaums, my desire to live in an historic Brownstone skyrocketed. The history with which every Brownstone is imbued constantly has me wandering, “If these walls could talk…”. It also helps that I much prefer bricks, copper, stained glass and wrought iron to today’s building materials. I introduce you to a hidden gem, on a tree-lined, historically designated street in Brooklyn, built in 1893 and designed by Swedish architect Magnus Dahlander.

Prospect Heights Brownstone

Born in 1861, in Orebo, Sweden, Dahlander practiced turn of the century designs in his native country and in the United States. Trained in architecture at the University of Technology in Helsinki, and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, his homes in Brooklyn feature meticulously carved ornamentation, leaf-trims, arched doorways, copper clad roofing, gargoyles, and other splendors of Renaissance Revival and Romanesque Revival frameworks. If you ever wanted to live in a 19th century castle, now’s your turn!

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Prospect Heights Brownstone

Anyone up for reading a leatherbound book on this daybed, with light pouring in from three angles?  If you love decorating a mantle, Everything about this space has the patina of important and stateliness. The Victorian details lend themselves to sitting rooms, salons and parlors.

Why not treat your staircase like a glamorous, red carpet runway?

Prospect Heights Brownstone

 I can easily imagine the Epsom salts, dried lilac petals, and body oils I would use in this classic bathtub. 

Magnus Dahlander

Is anyone else fretting over this fretwork? The sheer amount of precise carpentry that went into the foyer is startling. Even the radiator covers radiate. Why did I feel it necessary to place not one, but two, decorative puns into this paragraph? Who knows…

Prospect Heights Brownstone

When in doubt, throw a Persian Rug on it!

Would you like to inherit a vintage, ‘slightly used’ home? Or do you prefer to buy new? I know my answer!

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