Pistachio (or, Crack that Nut)

When I worked at Friendly’s Olde Ice Cream Shoppe as a teenager the store had two specials for retired individuals or members of the AARP. In the mornings, they could get breakfast for nary $2.99 including unlimited coffee, two eggs, and a side. In the evenings before 6:00 pm, as part of the Early Bird Special, the customers could choose from a list of entrees that came with a one scoop sundae. Invariably, the customers ALWAYS ordered pistachio ice cream. Once a person turns a certain age, clearly, this flavor will definitely become ones favorite. I must have served over 2,000 scoops of this green treat.

Image Via Oh Joy! And what a joy it is!

Image via Cook Your Dream.

Image via The Girl Who Ate Everything. Why not use this cranberry-pistachio cookie to inspire your next room palette?

For the longest time this bold yet subdued green reminded me of granny squares and a retirement home in Miami – YET – it’s official, it’s cool again, it’s actually even, dare I say, YOUNG!

According to the article, The History and Agriculture of the Pistachio Nut, “Archaeologists have found evidence from excavations at Jarmo in northeastern Iraq that pistachio nuts were a common food as early as 6750 BCE.

It is even rumored that the pistachio nuts were creeping down the walls of the great wonder, The Hanging Garden of Babylon.

Jason Oliver Nixon & John Loecke via Domino Magazine (RIP), October 2008.

The Pistachio Tree meets the Mint Herb in this fifties, retro inspired kitchen (Here).

I know this monochromatic wonder is a LOT, but I feel as though I am sitting in a field of verdant grasses! Via Bright Bazaar and the U.K. based Ideal Home magazine.

Jonathan Adler always hits the nail on the head with modern design mixed with traditional and antique finds. Hello white lacquer table.

Wallpaper via Fern Living, image by Betsy Maddox.

Domino Magazine strikes again!

Image via Live Like You.

The pistachio color is easily attainable from major paint brands. Benjamin Moore even considered this color #561 as a Classic Color, meaning it is considered a timeless color, not a seasonal trend. Valspar considers pistachio to be a bright green infused with blue and grey (rather than Moore’s light, mossy yellow hue). Krylon Spray Paints even sells this color in an aerosol can, making it extremely easy to refinish small objects for a pop! Notice each color is designed with slightly different mixes – pastel pistachio, ripe pistachio, pale pistachio, and bright pistachio. The nut inspires color in all its forms. 

The pistachio tree (it’s a tree not a bush!) takes about five to eight years to even begin bearing fruit. But, it’s not until its twentieth year that it is considered fully mature and its fruit is considered of the best quality. This means that farmers used to plant the tree for their children, knowing that they were ensuring fruit for the next generation. This is a beautiful and giving idea. Who knew that pistachios were so selfless?

Side Note: During my mom’s pregnancy, while carrying my older sister, my mom would ONLY snack on pistachio nuts. She had such an intense craving for the food that some days she would ONLY eat pistachio. To this day, my sister blames this “lack of nutrition in the womb” for her short stature. Clearly, a joke.

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