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Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year when Uber prices surge because of snow and sludge, the L train can’t be trusted, and cold hearts melt or grow 3 sizes too big. My studio, Brooklyn United, a web development and digital marketing agency, takes the idea of being “culture-led” very seriously. This year, we rapidly expanded, and chose a restaurant to match our motley retinue. We wound up in Bed-Stuy at Bedford Hall, a¬†remarkably preserved slice of the prohibition era.

This¬†combination of a cozy eatery, lounge,¬†shuffleboard space, and pool hall is modeled after your uncle’s warm library, or like a scene out of Clue.¬†Comfy leather chairs, minus the pretentious vibe. ¬†We came for the drink specials, and stayed for the surprise burlesque¬†show!

My favorite part of the night, perhaps, was the fact that my husband donned a velvet smoking blazer replete¬†with a satin color. He looked sharp!¬†(I’m also in velvet, sporting a vintage LBD)¬†Or, maybe it was when I won¬†the award for “Deepest Reservoir of Obscure Facts (literature and fantasy edition)¬†along with the beautiful, hardcover book¬†Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition. Regardless of best moment, I am thankful for a such a fun way to kickoff the holiday season.

Whenever and wherever your holidays, have a merry time! Thank you so much to the super talented, Brooklyn-based photographer, Yoonography, for the photographs in this post.

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