Mixology (8)

Socks: POLKA DOTS SOCKS by Etiquette Clothiers, found HERE / Room:  Tim Walker polka dot room walls from Vogue Italia

Socks: Antipast, the rise argyle & stripe socks, found HERE. / Room:  Susan Diana Harris Interior Design, San Francisco, CA, Ballpark Condo, image found HERE.

Socks: Kate Spade, FOREVER STRIPE KNEE HIGH SOCK, found HERE. / Room: Anthony Baratta LLC, New York, NY, US, SEASIDE, image found HERE. 

My boyfriend, Michael, says, “Socks are the lynchpin of any good outfit”.

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Keren Veisblatt Toledano is a User Experience Designer at Berya LLC. In her spare time she can be found soaking in Epsom salts, admiring copper pots, reading dystopian science fiction or sneaking a slice of lemon into her drinks. Her motto is, “A morning without coffee is sleep.” She lives in Philly with her cat, Cagney, partner, Michael, and son, Josiah.