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MiN New York

MiN New York, at 117 Crosby Street in Soho, is a Haute Perfumery, Apothecary & Atelier. Established in 1999 by Chad Murawczyk, MiN New York creates and curates niche grooming products from around the world.  They carry everything  bespoke and beautiful: rare perfumes (the Gin & Tonic scent Grace Kelly wore, anyone?), to French Royal Family candles, gifts, antiques, to furniture.

The boutique exudes class from the moment one walks through the intimidating, iron entryway. The dark space, smelling of tobacco leaves, juniper, spearmint, orange bitters and old papyrus, hearkens back to the library of Alexandria. I almost felt like a wizard was going to appear from any corner. Tall, wooden shelves anchored by metal stairs, display hundreds of unique items. The leather couches and exposed brick walls suggest a masculine, cigar bar.

MiN Sunlight Display of Goods

MiN New York Walkthrough

MiN Black Candles

MiN Apothecary Candy

MiN Perfume Bottles

MiN Magnifying Glass

Cire Trudon at MiNCire Trudon cloches of Vegetal Wax Candles – burning for 80 hours – and smelling of various perfumes: tobacco leaves,  stonewalls, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, ripe guava fruit, bitter orange, lemon, sweet lime, eucalyptus, buchu leaves, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, Chinese osmanthus, and more wild herbs!

MiN PlenaminsA plenamin is a fancy and antiquated word apothecaries used for multivitamins.

A SoHo boutique review, from The WalkupImage via Shopikon.
A SoHo boutique review, from The WalkupImage via Shopikon.
A SoHo boutique review, from The Walkup

A SoHo boutique review, from The Walkup

MiN Branches and Scents

MiN Potpourri

Imagine what the noses in the shop smell daily. 

My MiN New York scent is Vetiver Dance Eau de Toilette by Tauer Perfumes. The fragrance is comprised of luminous grapefruit oil, black pepper accords, green clary sage, Bulgarian rose and lily of the valley which is surrounded by a heart composed of Java vetiver oil, adding a trail of cedar, soft ambergris, tonka beans and citrus extract in a base. All this in one scent!

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