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Originally found due to their awesome transformation of the “geek-meets”chic” Codecademy startup office space (particularly, because I am a sucker for exposed brick), I ultimately fell in love with Homepolish for its utilitarian vision of aesthetics for everyone!

Does this print go with that table? Is this matte, mahogany paint the right choice for my dining room? Ask a designer!

HomePolish Office Decor from The WalkupHomepolish is a new approach to interior design that brings savvy, expert designers – recruited from the top firms in the country – right to your doorstep. The clever company believes that interior design is a lifestyle, not a luxury. Everyone should live in a nicely decorated nest! Think about all the time you spend in your home: sleeping, eating, chatting, watching TV. Why not do those things in style? Homepolish designers work by the hour to transform clients’ homes, offices and ultimately, their lives.

Whether your budget is $1 thousand or $1 million, it’s time to live inside that magazine spread or Pinterest board you’ve been pining after.

Homepolish Office Decor from The WalkupIn emailing with Noa Santos, the co-founder and CEO of Homepolish, I saw just how responsive and friendly the company was. Noa began his career perfecting the pads of New York’s elite, from fashion to finance, at a high-end residential firm before deciding to make his talent available to all by launching a one-man show called 50 for 50 Design. After fate orchestrated a meeting with his now co-founder Will, the two decided to take that vision to the next level.

Homepolish Office Team and Staff from The WalkupTaking the ego and judgement out of “too-sophisticated-for-you” interior design, the company helps to make home decorating simple by bringing 90+ of the country’s best designers in-house and sending the perfect one to your home or office (based on your needs).

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Homepolish Office Decor from The WalkupExplore the varied projects ranging from an bohemian artist’s haven in Harlem to a “more is more” apartment in Murray Hill. Not just New York City based, Homepolish even has a feature that lets you find designers near your zip-code. Try it out today.

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