Full of Hot Air

First of all, hello friends in digital world! I took a long three-day weekend off and went to Napa Valley, California with my boyfriend! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break off as well (whether celebrating Passover, Easter, or otherwise)! I apologize for not posting in a few days, but as part of my “mental spring cleaning”, travel was exactly what I needed to re-enegerize and re-inspire. Michael and I went vineyard tasting, cold spring dipping, mountain hiking, redwood viewing, cave exploring, champagne (technically sparkling-wine) tasting, wisteria and poppy seeing, indulgent eating, friend visiting, and finally (the pièce de résistance) we went hot-air ballooning over the valleys!

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology – it is also known as balloon craft. In 1783, the first successful (and untethered) flight was accomplished in France. Modern hot-air balloons are usually made of strong synthetic fabrics such as nylon, dacron, and other polyester – there are even technical terms for the balloon itself (envelope) and the vents left in the bag that allow for elevation maneuvering (gores).  No longer do balloons have to come in the “traditional tear drop” shape, because of innovations in technology, shapes have included bumble bees, caterpillars, castles-in-the-sky, turtles, BUTTS, and whatever the mind can muster. The mother of all aviation has also reached cruising altitudes as high as the jet stream! I was in a 16 person woven wicker basket – which itself weighed 600 lbs – and needed a crew to handle during takeoff and landing! Regardless of sophisticated history and vernacular (and there are PAGES upon TOMES as to the craft) – I was most struck by the color of the balloon’s fabric!

So how can one live in a world inspired by ballooning? The primary colors lit from behind (almost stain-glass-esque) are a wonderful place to start. The other important materials to include is a wicker or rattan (representing the passenger baskets). The bright yellows, sunny reds, verdant greens, and bold purples – aligned with calm, natural woven wicker – could make a room a happy yet rustic space!

BLANKET CHAIR including cushions by HUDSON BAY BLANKET found HERE.

Set of Four Primary Color Shape Pillows – Circle, Square, Rectangle, and Triangle found via Etsy, HERE.

The triad complementary scheme is derived by placing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel – thus any three colors comprising a triad scheme are equally spaced, and therefore equally balanced, around the wheel. Many hot air balloons seems to follow this pattern. Even the hanging lanterns are reminiscent of a floating balloon! Image found, HERE.

Sunny yellow and rattan is definitely reminiscent of a balloon’s fabric and its basket! Image found via Traditional Home, HERE.

Balloon chair love seat in charcoal gray faux leather, inspired by the European designs of the 1830’s, enjoy the perfect movie night with your sweetie in this balloon chair that was made just for two.  Found at Room Service, available for purchase HERE.

Clearly I am taking this decorating with balloons idea a bit too literally, but LOOK AT THOSE COLORS. Image via HERE.

DIY Yarn Pendant Lights found at Juicy Bits, HERE.

The hills are alive!  This Scandinavian dream room is equal parts Ikea and creativity.  Imagine ballooning through those mountains. Image found HERE.

Home Decor Print Fabric- Waverly Aerial Adventure in Creme de Menthe available for purchase, HERE. Balloon valances anyone?

Orange Balloon Animal Bookend (inspired by Jeff Koons) available for purchase from Land of Nod, HERE. 

Bedroom designed by Miles Redd complete with walls papered in a vintage-looking hot air balloon pattern called Balloons by Schumacher, image found HERE. 

 Nuloom Ikat Hot Air Balloon Blue Area Rug, available for purchase HERE.

“It-Girl” and model Agyness Deyn’s apartment, outfitted with an hot air balloon chandelier! Image found HERE.

Cool Morning Sunshine Yellow and Green Hot Air Balloon voyage illustration dictionary page book altered art print – a very inexpensive way to get the essence of vintage aviation in one’s home, found via Etsy, HERE.

Let your dreams TAKE flight! Viewing the earth from the bird’s eye of the balloon was life-changing and something to cross off of my infinite bucket list. 

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Keren Veisblatt Toledano is a User Experience Designer at Berya LLC. In her spare time she can be found soaking in Epsom salts, admiring copper pots, reading dystopian science fiction or sneaking a slice of lemon into her drinks. Her motto is, “A morning without coffee is sleep.” She lives in Philly with her cat, Cagney, partner, Michael, and son, Josiah.