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Frazier + Wing

A mobile is a type of kinetic sculpture that takes advantage of the principle of equilibrium as well as the forces of gravity. The ever-moving artworks are popular among infants for use in a nursery as external stimuli. Not to be relegated to child’s play, modern mobiles are also works of art. The neologism of the word “mobile” was first suggested by Marcel Duchamp in 1931, quite the artsy beginning.

Frazier + Wing Art Mobiles as Featured by The Walkup

Perhaps, the most famous kinetic sculptor of all time is Alexander Calder whose rods, colorful, weighted objects and suspended components moved fluidly and randomly in response to motors and air currents. In contrast, Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stabiles, a term titled by Jean Arp. Other famous mobile creators include Timothy Rose, Mark Leary, Julie Frith and now, Frazier + Wing.

Frazier + Wing Art Mobiles as Featured by The Walkup

With names like Alexander (obvious homage), Hunter, Happy, Kelly, Ochre, Elliot, Grace, Sunshine, Holland, River, and Snow, there’s a mood and style for anyone in your life.


Frazier + Wing Art Mobiles as Featured by The Walkup

Frazier + Wing is an independent design studio in Portland, Oregon. Designer and maker Heather Frazier creates decorative design objects and products for home and life. The collection was started in 2007 and was born out of a love of color, decoration, and a passion for making and creating.

Frazier + Wing Art Mobiles as Featured by The Walkup

Frazier + Wing mobiles are a poetic and modern interpretation of the classic form. These sophisticated and charming decorative accessories for the home are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Each mobile is carefully hand crafted using fine quality papers in a range of beautiful colors.

Frazier + Wing Art Mobiles as Featured by The Walkup

Now let the wind, a draft, or the movement of the family in the home gently let these moving forms sing!

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