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Department Store Decor (2)

In which I try to do Scandinavian Maximalism and brilliant white interiors with objects only found in an inventory from Target Stores, 2012. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Scandinavian decor (being rooms from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and sometimes also of Iceland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands) is largely admired for its unpretentious, understated, simple, edited, and elegant interiors.

One Third Shabby, One Third Cozy, One Third French Provincial. (Here.)

One Third Conservative, One Third Rustic, One Third Glamorous. (Here.)

One Third Modern, One Third Eccentric, One Third Crisp. (Here.)

One Third Bright, One Third Clean, One Third Fanciful. (Here.)

One Third 19th Century, One Third Cottage House, One Third Curiosity Cabinet. (Here.)

One Third Young, One Third Playful, One Third Bold. (Here.)

One Third Clean, One Third Calm, One Third Collected. (Here.)

1/6 Open, 1/6  Bright, 1/6 Elegant, 1/6 Stately, 1/6 Dignified, 1/6 Achromatic. (Here.)

These rooms are designed to maximize the possibilities of the sun – letting in air and light. The spaces are uncluttered paradises wherein vintage finds befriend modern shapes and local designers. Natural wood, in light pines, soft maples, and clean balsa, are to be admired in their natural state. Above all, the rooms exude a sense of natural calm.

Here’s my secret – stick to a color palette subsisting of four (4) colors or less. I chose silver, white, light blue (those three being the majority colors), and a light moonlit yellow (as an accent) . I count light woods as neutrals in most color schemes, so for the sake of simplicity, don’t worry about counting wood as an additional color. Light wood matches mostly anything in an white palette.

  • $109.99 – Shabby Chic Vanity Table – top left – CLICK
  • $383.99 – Button-Tufted Chaise Settee – Peacock Color – right middle – CLICK
  • $39.99  – Simply Shabby Chic® Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp – Tall – left middle – CLICK
  • $311.99 – Cruz Chair with Ottoman – White – left bottom – CLICK
  • $179.99 Shabby Chic Nightstand – bottom right – CLICK

The additional details, fun accents, quirky lighting, rustic charm, and extravagant chandeliers can be placed at your whim and liking! Scandinavian decor is uncluttered, so choose a few key pieces that really call to you! There are no rules, when something viscerally strikes your fancy, why not put a toaster in your bedroom? The piece is being used as decor, and a nod to the design aesthetic of the 1950’s. If you want to place a ladder against a wall, a ladder to nowhere (or heaven), DO IT. When items are all white, don’t worry if the materials do not match – vinyl and velvet will blend if the color scheme is similar. The best part? These are ALL from Target, or now we can pronounce it as the elegant, mock-french, “Tar-zhay”. Ch-Ch-Check it Out. From Top to Bottom:

  • $106.99 – Extension Arm Wall Mirror 5x/1x – top left – CLICK
  • $299.99 – Dhurries Wool Area Rug – Light Blue/Ivory – top right diagonal – CLICK
  • $12.99 – Home Glass Soap Pump – Light Blue – top right – CLICK
  • $29.99 – Set of Mirror Tealight Holders – Clear – top left – CLICK
  • $250.99 – Dualit Azure Blue New Generation Classic Toaster – top right – CLICK 
  • $9.99 – Room Essentials® Leaf Sham – Tan (Standard) – top left – CLICK 
  • $9.99 – Room Essentials® Climbing Leaf Sham – White (Standard) – top middle – CLICK 
  • $229.99 –  Louis Wall Mirror – top right – CLICK
  • $151.99 – Library Style Media Rack – Oak – middle left – CLICK
  • $59.99  – Aqua Blue Chandelier by Twelve Timbers – square middle – CLICK
  • $19.99 – Antique Style Plant Stand – Small – square middle – CLICK
  • $149.99 – Armless Upholstered Slipper Chair – Grey & Gold – bottom left – CLICK
  • $49.99 – Tripod Floor Lamp – Silver – bottom right – CLICK
  • $169.99 – Antique-Style Brass Chandelier – bottom left – CLICK
  • $255.99 Yield Wide Swivel Vinyl Chair – White – bottom right – CLICK

Want to learn more from “the pros”, meaning ACTUAL Scandinavians? I highly suggest buying, OR COLLECTING AS A COFFEE TABLE BOOK, Simply Scandinavian. Good style is not made by having a plethora of money. You cannot buy style. Do not be intimated, one can find meaningful, mix & match, style all in one place (Target). Don’t the aforementioned finds seem like they were collected at a flea market in Stockholm?

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