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Dan Fink Studio

Dan Fink Studio is an interior design firm rooted in a deep respect for history, architecture, and fine art. In collaboration with photographer Adrian Gaut, Javas Lehn Studio art-directed a series of photographs illustrating the eclectic historicism of Dan Fink’s trademark style.

Dan Fink Studio via The Walkup

I spot Isamu Noguchi, the famed vintage White Clad Measuring Tape made by Lufkin Rule Co., a Tolomeo-style classic table lamp, midcentury vases and doorknobs. Visually reading like an I Spy book filled with beautiful bric-a-brac, what modern design delights from the 21st century can you find?

Dan Fink Studio via The Walkup

The still life photographs illicit of a memory of a bountiful Renaissance still-life replete with peacock feathers, pomegranate, cheeses, a pheasant and other opulent delights. And yet, upon further inspection, one sees the accoutrement of an eclectic, design-based lifestyle: Irving Penn Photography, Jean Arp’s Abstractions, Charlotte Perriand’s Chaise Lounges, crystals, marble busts, parisian cafe decor, and other sundries.

Dan Fink Studio via The Walkup

The studio, based in the West Village, NYC is an interior design studio with a broad interest in history, art and new American Living. The firms hopes to bring to their a work a spirit that is at once class, modern and heartfelt.

Dan Fink Studio via The Walkup

Adrian Gaut, the photographer, now living in NYC, took up photography after originally studying as a painter. This art historicism becomes obvious through this series. As a student, Gaut found inspiration in the rich tradition of minimalism in 20th century painting, which informed his early photographic explorations of architecture.

Dan Fink Studio Still Life Photography

The artist perfectly collaborates with Dan Fink Studio, both paying homage to the sharp lines of architecture and curvature of brushstrokes in art. I also have a special place in my heart for the clever and vaguely masculine design studio because I have many relatives with the surname FINK in my family!

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