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Wheel of Lipstick

There are a few beauty products that I never leave the house without – earrings, tinted moisturizer, mascara, (a bra). Simply, without them, I feel naked or not the best version of myself. Lipstick has the transformative power to create an entire look. A fresh face with nothing but bright, red lipstick is still a statement. Even a swatch or smear of vibrant colors can be luxurious on an otherwise empty canvas.

Japanese lipstick advertisement, 1969.  Very Mod.Japanese lipstick advertisement, 1969.  Very Mod.


Obviously, other women felt that lipstick was important, too. Its origins are over 5,000 years old in Mesopotamia. The ancient Egyptians were even willing to get themselves sick with pearlescent fish-scales as long as they could achieve a rosy hue. In 1770, a British law was proposed to the Parliament that a marriage should be annulled if the woman wore cosmetics before her wedding day. Scandalous! Today, the makeup is much more accepted. There are between 800 and 900 million lipsticks sold every year in the world. 

Wheel Of Lipstick including choices from Stila, Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, Christian Dior, Anna Sui and more.

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Wheel of Heels

“Round-heeled” is an old-fashioned label for a woman who is promiscuous. “Well-heeled” is a phrase which can have a few meanings, including “being wealthy” or “equipped with a weapon”. Why can’t we be a little bit of all three with the styles below? SIT! Now HEEL.

How to dress in nine different heel and platform options this Fall 2013 - including Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, J.Crew, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors

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