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Meet & Greet – Elisheva

Hook n’ Loop Design is a studio for modern and minimalist home-ware with just a dash of whimsy and a high-dose of functionality, making the items perfect for uncompromising trendsetters.  Elisheva Manekin, the founder and product designer for the studio, is inspired by living in a small space (her family caravan).

Hook N LoopDesign - Meet Elisheva Manekin

Her studio arose from the need for versatile design that does the job well and can then be stored flatly, easily and space-efficiently. Even though that “modern and minimal” usually means a lot of black and white, the studio appreciates pops of color.

Her designs are effortless, and can be mix and matched!

  • Name: Elisheva Manekin
  • Location: A small (70 families) community in a very rural part of Israel, in the south, called Shekef, about an hour from Tel Aviv.
  • Job: Industrial designer and owner of Hook n’ Loop Design
  • Age: 32

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Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

EAT: There are no local restaurants nearby (although we do have a pizzeria) BUT because this is an agricultural area of mostly vineyards, there is a sort of truck stop. It belongs to my neighbor. Basically every morning he sets out to a nice opening in one of the fields by the main road with a small house shaped trailer attached to his truck. He makes the best Hummus ever! He also sells Shakshuka (an Israeli dish with eggs and tomato sauce that you scoop up with Pita) and Sabich (hardboiled eggs and eggplant with hummus in a Pita). Everything he makes is very fresh, often spicy and always delicious.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

SEE: Because we live in a remote area, we do a lot of driving. My husband and I are originally from Jerusalem, so we visit our parents there a lot. The city recently renovated the train tracks that used to go through the city into a park (similar to The High Line in Chelsea, NY). We love to go there with our two children (5 year old boy /3 year old girl) and ride our bikes. At the end of the park they renovated the old station with cafes and a small organic market. They often have outdoor shows – it’s really lovely.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

SHOP: I absolutely love bakeries! My favorite bakery would be one called Lechamim (לחמים means breads in Hebrew) – they make the best everything! I think they recently opened a branch in NYC – so you should definitely check it out.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

DO: I have to say, what I honestly enjoy the most is watching TV. I catch all the shows from the USA online, and Project Runway is definitely a favorite. Magazines come next – anything design related – from Elle Décor UK to Domino to Marie Claire Maison.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design
INSPIRE: I love solving problems with design. Most of my ideas come from problems I have in my own life at home – mainly lack of space. I think about new products all of the time, and literally can’t sleep until I figure it out.
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Elisheva knows the feeling of finding something you love, and getting excited about having people over to show them your new purchase. She hopes you’ll find something to obsess over at Hook n’ Loop Design! Drop her line. 
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Minted X West Elm

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Sherlock and Watson. Gin and Tonic. There are some collaborations that just make sense – the West Elm meets Minted co-branding is no exception. As part of a special wall art challenge within the design community at Minted, West Elm picked 25 favorite prints from over 1,400 submissions. That 1.8% acceptance rate is more competitive than some of the best Ivy League Universities! Minted for West Elm CollageMinted crowdsources designs for stationery, art and party decor from a global community of independent designers and artists. Choose a few of the framed pieces–featuring everything from animals and objects to graphic patterns and painterly landscapes–to create your own curated collection. Combining aesthetics and democracy, at Minted, all that matters is good design. Their professional design challenges rely on the wisdom of the crowd – graphic designers, customers, the Minted team, and fans – to vote for their favorite designs.

Minted for West Elm

Will someone pass the Scandinavian Decor please? It should be next to the mustard…

Minted for West Elm Collage 3

Offering a fresh perspective, this partnership is affordable, highly graphic and curated for you. Build a gallery wall and feel good doing it by supporting an emerging artist and without the need to pinch pennies!

Minted For West Elm Detail

Yakkity Yak! Farming meets industry. 

Don’t you just love the ‘This Highland Cows’ wall art by Amy Carroll? Layered above ‘Candy Coated’ by Hapi Art and Pattern, the dichotomy of black and white photography matches well with frenetic rainbow colors!

Decorate a blank wall: