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The weather in Brooklyn is officially in its winter phase. I know it’s only November but the windchill or the frost didn’t seem to get the memo. What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with cozy knits? Accessodium’s creations make me want to sip cocoa by a fire.

Tanya was nice enough to offer this gorgeous handspun yarn, handknit cowl ($50) for one lucky reader of The Walkup. Ready to enter? Use the giveaway widget below.

Enter to win creations from Accessodium, An Etsy shop filled with wool, crocheted goods, and knits

None of the entry options are mandatory, so you may choose your favorite entry method, or use all entry methods for your best chance of winning. 

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Accessodium was created by Tanya, who is originally from the Ukraine, but now living in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Tanya grew up watching her grandmother knit so naturally, it seemed magical to her.  As a child, she knew one day that she would able to make things as well as Granny!


Accessodium’s shop holds knits, crocheted beanies, scarves, leg warmers, gloves, brooches, cowls, skirts, bookmarks and anything that can be dreamed up with imagination and wool.

Now, once a week Tanya visits a farm, where she learns about wool production, and other fibers such as alpaca and angora goat fibers. She can carde, dye and spin wool. Being able to use handmade yarn from homegrown animals is a lot of work.

For Tanya it’s hard to say which one is a hobby and which is work – yoga or Etsy. She loves do both!  Here are other things that make her tick:

    • EAT: I love sushi and Japanese food in general. So any good Japanese restaurant is my favorite place to eat.
    • SEE: I fell in love with Arizona. I have been there many times; I love how it smells and I love its beauty.
    • SHOP: I like Free People, even though I do not shop there too often, I visit the shop for inspiration.
    • DO: I like mountain hiking with my family or friends. For our last hike we went to Yosemite National Park.


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Meet & Greet – Elisheva

Hook n’ Loop Design is a studio for modern and minimalist home-ware with just a dash of whimsy and a high-dose of functionality, making the items perfect for uncompromising trendsetters.  Elisheva Manekin, the founder and product designer for the studio, is inspired by living in a small space (her family caravan).

Hook N LoopDesign - Meet Elisheva Manekin

Her studio arose from the need for versatile design that does the job well and can then be stored flatly, easily and space-efficiently. Even though that “modern and minimal” usually means a lot of black and white, the studio appreciates pops of color.

Her designs are effortless, and can be mix and matched!

  • Name: Elisheva Manekin
  • Location: A small (70 families) community in a very rural part of Israel, in the south, called Shekef, about an hour from Tel Aviv.
  • Job: Industrial designer and owner of Hook n’ Loop Design
  • Age: 32

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Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

EAT: There are no local restaurants nearby (although we do have a pizzeria) BUT because this is an agricultural area of mostly vineyards, there is a sort of truck stop. It belongs to my neighbor. Basically every morning he sets out to a nice opening in one of the fields by the main road with a small house shaped trailer attached to his truck. He makes the best Hummus ever! He also sells Shakshuka (an Israeli dish with eggs and tomato sauce that you scoop up with Pita) and Sabich (hardboiled eggs and eggplant with hummus in a Pita). Everything he makes is very fresh, often spicy and always delicious.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

SEE: Because we live in a remote area, we do a lot of driving. My husband and I are originally from Jerusalem, so we visit our parents there a lot. The city recently renovated the train tracks that used to go through the city into a park (similar to The High Line in Chelsea, NY). We love to go there with our two children (5 year old boy /3 year old girl) and ride our bikes. At the end of the park they renovated the old station with cafes and a small organic market. They often have outdoor shows – it’s really lovely.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

SHOP: I absolutely love bakeries! My favorite bakery would be one called Lechamim (לחמים means breads in Hebrew) – they make the best everything! I think they recently opened a branch in NYC – so you should definitely check it out.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design

DO: I have to say, what I honestly enjoy the most is watching TV. I catch all the shows from the USA online, and Project Runway is definitely a favorite. Magazines come next – anything design related – from Elle Décor UK to Domino to Marie Claire Maison.

Elisheva of Hook N Loop Design
INSPIRE: I love solving problems with design. Most of my ideas come from problems I have in my own life at home – mainly lack of space. I think about new products all of the time, and literally can’t sleep until I figure it out.
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Elisheva knows the feeling of finding something you love, and getting excited about having people over to show them your new purchase. She hopes you’ll find something to obsess over at Hook n’ Loop Design! Drop her line. 

Meet & Greet – Sylvie

Sylvie is the girlfriend of a work colleague of mine. She also happens to be a budding girl crush. This is based on a bevy of reasons, not the least of which is her ability to rock thick frames ala a Warby Parker advertisement, our shared love of Bengal kitties, and her penchant for purple hair as if it were an organic coiffure color. Friendships have been built on less. Although her day job is involves publishing, her superhero power is actually photography. An unnamed baby name site also tells me that the name Sylvie is a variant of a latin name which means “forest” – so I feel like there’s also something elvish and deep to be said there…

Photographer, Literary Agent, and Cat-lover. Meow!

Name: Sylvie Rosokoff
Location: New York, New York
Job: Associate Director of Foreign Rights at a literary agency by weekday, 
Photographer extraordinare by weekend
Age: 28

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Let’s get to know the woman who dons a floral crown as naturally as if she were Lana Del Ray, or an actual wildflower patch in Norway.

EAT: I love Candle 79 on the Upper East Side for their all-vegan menu, especially the brunch choices–their BBQ seitan sandwich is my favorite way to kick off Sunday afternoon. Closer to home, I visit Spiga on the Upper West Side as often as I can for some of the best homemade pastas I’ve ever tasted, and amazing service to boot.

Photographer, Literary Agent, and Cat-lover. Meow!

SEE: I want to explore more of Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights; I recently shot a wedding there, and its quirky architecture and multicolored foliage were almost an autumn cliché–in the best possible way! Also, the old photobooth in the lobby of the ACE Hotel in “NoMad,” a newly-named neighborhood north of Madison Ave, where I work. It takes credit cards!
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Babies, dancing, rococo architecture, cookies and ribbons.

SHOP: Greenwich Letterpress in the West Village for paper products; Adorama in the Flatiron District for camera gear and rentals. 
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Which do you prefer: the city, the mountains or the beach?  

DO: Reading for work and pleasure; walking with no destination in mind, usually accompanied by comedy podcasts; scouting locations and brainstorming ideas for future photoshoots.
 Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

The Sun, The Snow, The Clouds, The Bricks. Bricks are a form of weather, no?

INSPIRE: When I showed a colleague my photos from a recent work trip, he said “I don’t remember London as being that colorful, but now I will!”  THAT’S what inspires me! I want to show everyone little things, probably colorful things, they otherwise would have missed. 
Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Icarus, my polydactyl bobtail bengal cat, who’s the subject of many a photo these days and who looks dashing in a bow tie. 

Photographer and Cat-lover. Meow!
In conclusion, Sylvie is wildly talented and should absolutely be hired as your next professional photographer – even if the shoot is simply mundane – she will find the details which make the world radiant.