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The words “closet” and “aesthetics” are rarely seen in the same sentence. Traditionally, closets are dark, cramped, overstuffed spaces that we close the door to and forget about.  However, closets have a bad rap!  Let’s give them more attention and treat custom closets just like any other room in a house, beautifully. Your closet doesn’t need to be the one room in your home that is neglected just because its door can be shut.

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Via California Closets.

Vintage trunks, leather-bound books, a granny square quilt, Chinese Checkers and a paddle as a curtain dowel! 

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Via California Closets.

A backlit display for your shoes? A glass display for your purses? Why not treat yourself to actually SEEING what’s in your closet ala a high-end and luxe boutique. How novel! 

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Via California Closets.

Whether a grand foyer or a simple mudroom, entryways need to serve as both a launch pad when we’re leaving and a landing strip when we get home.  From boots and shoes to coats, wallets, keys and more, smart and efficient entryway storage provides a perfect place for nearly everything. Personally, I like entryways to be uncluttered, bright an airy. They set the tone for the house and welcome guests to your curated environment. Use architect’s diagonal lines in a staircase, or an artist’s abstract print to your advantage by echoing the sentiment in your storage options.

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Via California Closets.

This slate floored entryway uses natural materials like wood paneling and even logs. It screams modern-day lumberjack or lumberjill!

You’ve probably seen Samantha’s luxury walk-in closet in The Sex and the City Movie, or a tricked-out celebrity closet on MTV’s “Cribs”. Brilliant thought: Why didn’t MTV have a “Pimp My Closet”?  Justbecausee we might be “normies”, non-celebrities and non-fictional characters, does not preclude us from have a  pleasant to the eyes, as well as ultra-organized, storage space. Let’s take, for example the following closet organizers.

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If given unlimited resources, what is the first thing you would change about your closet? My ceilings are short and my gowns and maxi dresses actually touch the floor and collect dirt! It’s something I would love to fix.

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In my dream life, I would have a craft room and laundry area that looked like this, replete with cashmere stoles. 

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