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Blood Orange

Why not decorate my house like a fruit salad? I love lemons, tangelos, pomelos, tangerines, grapefruit, lime, and all citrus fruits for their bold and juicy color patterns. But, no fruit is more fashion-forward than THE BLOOD ORANGE.  The distinctive dark flesh color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of pigments common to many flowers but uncommon in citrus fruits. According to botanists, the blood orange is likely derived from a mutation of the sweet orange, and is much smaller than a regular orange. The fruit’s peak season in U.S. Supermarkets is probably  from December to March (Texas groves), and from November to May (California groves). The orange is known to originally come from China but is now grown primarily in Italy (what a Jetsetter). Some say the oranges are maroon, other times they appear red, and when the pigment drains to the outer vesicles of the fruit, they let off an almost pinkish vibe. Of course, the outer skin still remains (you guessed it) – orange.


(Pink + Orange = Blood Orange.  Sources via my Pinterest Board HERE.)

(Via Isle of View – Faces of Love’s Pinterest)

(Brabourne Farm.)

(I am absolutely loving the idea of two separate curtain colors for the same window. Via the deceased magazine Domino – may it rest in peace!)

(The wood palette bed, the granny square quilts, the joyous pom-pom ceiling display! Via Ashley Ann Photography.)

(Believe it or not, that is NOT wallpaper – it is an all over stencil design created by The Royal Design Studio.)

What is so tempting about this color combination? The great 20th century color artist and abstractionist Mark Rothko worked with pink and orange often in his famed “multiforms” (wherein DEEPLY hued and ultra saturated rectangular blocks of color would mingle on the canvas). Rothko explains that color is intimate and all encompassing. Rothko was not just inspired by the color of paints – he often also looked to natural pigments in order to create his layered pieces – employing eggs, glue, and resin.  The artist had been known to refer to color as “merely an instrument” to connect to the most basic of human emotions. Caroline Natzler, a published poet and also a designer, was so moved by one of Rothko’s pieces that she wrote the following poem about what the specific tone mixture made her think and feel:

Red, Orange on Pink by Rothko

Such a rapt, beaming warmth
this offering aglow with a dream of leaping
from swells and drifts of sun flush
from scratches of soil at the heels
soaring into life
tender as an open palm.
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