Black Beauty

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” 

― Coco Chanel, Chanel

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From 100 Ways To Happy Chic Your Life By Jonathan Adler

Photography from the book 100 Ways To Happy Chic Your Life By Jonathan Adler, Sterling Publishing

Habachy Designs

A sleek bachelor’s residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina brings Gothic glamour to a new level via Habachy Designs.

Melissa Lane Interiors

Ghost chairs, damask, a zebra and Chinese imperial details bring this room high drama. Design via Melissa Lane Interiors.

Sally Wheat Interiors

A contemporary and de-cluttered office space begs for supreme concentration without distraction. The yellow lamp and painted animal head bring a bit of contrariety. Nottingham room design by Sally Wheat Interiors, based in Houston.

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Atmosphere Interior Design

A patterned black, white and grey den complete with matching blinds, prints and the famous Le Corbusier Petit Modele Armchair. This amazing retreat can be found in Mallin Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan thanks to Atmosphere Interior Design, Inc. Moody, European, glossy perfection.

Cardel Designs

The darkness is kept from becoming too sterile thanks to the floral wallpaper. The soft, sandy grey rug anchors the space and allows it to feel mellow. The bed and side-table are traditional, yet the Barcelona Chair, design in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe is anything but!  The Hawthorne Master bedroom in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was created by Cardel Designs.

OXY by Mirage

OXY is a Mirage project which transforms ceramics into furnishing elements. Painted steel sheets and metal oxidation create unique effects, where lived-in, corroded matter looks sleek. OXY is a range of porcelain stoneware designed for floor and wall tiling. The living room is part bar space, bar street view, part factory and part antiquated library. The mix of surfaces and textiles is all tied together by the unification of the color black.

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An Artist’s Dwelling (12) – Keren Richter

Keren Richter is an illustrator and designer who works within a wide range of mediums and industries. Her work has appeared in the form of textiles and signature products and she loves working in collaboration with fashion (for Opening Ceremony), music, and lifestyle brands.

What first drew me to this artist, let’s be honest, is that we both shared the rather rare name “Keren”.

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Doug, Gouache paintings on paper. 
From Giant Artists group show at THIS gallery show, 2012, Keren Richter

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tile 1 // tile 2 // tile 3 // flower hook // dipped vase // sofa // rug // table // 

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Deeply saturated and richly pigmented, the unique portrait by Keren Richter is both folksy and modern. The geometric patterns and monochromatic palette give the room a whimsical and bright outlook. The cool blue recounts oceans, skies and sapphires.

A bouquet of hydrangeas, delphinium, hyacinth, bluestar and bellflower; not included.

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Of Quartz!

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, only after feldspar. This is funny to me because I don’t think I have thought about, or even uttered the word feldspar since my 8th grade Earth Science course. So although quartz might be number two according to the earth, I would definitely rank the semi-precious gemstone higher.

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A simple quartz bookend by Pine and Main.

Quartz is varied! Like a middle school mood ring, these rocks range from citrine to smoky grey, from milky white to kitten-nose pink. Because the mineral is so ubiquitous, it has been linked to human history in Irish burials, Pre-Columbian American tools, Australian aboriginal mythology and in East Asian jewelry.

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A "wonder-room"-inspired black lucite box // 
Volcanic rock, rainbow-colored and sturdy coasters //
Sculptural crystal on a stand //

Today, yours truly, sits atop the stuff! Under Manhattan Island is a 542 million year old Paleozoic crystalline rock formation that is made up of garnet, silliminate and quartz. Thanks to its strength, the island is still around. Pretty solid (on the Moh’s scale, har har)!

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From the office space of Sequins & Stripes.

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean its uncool.