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My Week in Snapshots: 7/07/2014 – 7/14/2014

My time lately has mostly been taken up with renovating our new house. Living in a construction zone is not relaxing, and is probably just about the worst thing for private, feng shui. Michael and I have been struggling with our lack of privacy, and attempting to work around the schedules of our contractors. This has pushed us out of the house a lot, and into exploration of our surrounding neighborhood. We are getting to know South Brooklyn very well!

  1. The Craspedia Billy Balls are the perfect summer flower. They were adorning the window of a new shop in Carroll Gardens called Strumpet, that sells Brooklyn-based and International emerging designers. Strumpet is an idiosyncratic little jewel-box of a shop whose style is irreverent – juxtaposing ladylike and outré without a hint of cynicism or irony.
  2. The gritty, and downright dirty stop at “W4″ where I catch the “F” from the West Village always reminds me of the opening sequence of Louie, on FX.
  3. While dining with my husband, and close-friend Erica, at Buttermilk Channel on Friday night, we decided that we were “too full for dessert.” Our waitress would not take “no” for an answer and gave us a serving of their world famous Doug’s Pecan Pie. Thank goodness I have a second stomach for dessert. The restaurant’s owner Doug Crowell is the idea man behind this pie-meets-sundae sensation, inspired by the dessert he makes for his family every Thanksgiving. Scoops of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream’s subtle vanilla separate layers of house-made pie filling: a dark, molasses-infused concoction packed with pecans and tinged with bourbon. The goo gets delightfully stickier from the cold as you work your way down the tall old-fashioned milk-shake glass.
  4. On the Hudson River, at the tip of Red Hook on Pier 41, and near the Ikea Express Shuttles, stands Liberty Warehouse. After being almost completely decimated by Hurricane Sandy, it’s back in action. With breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and New York harbor, no wonder so many couples choose to say their vows in this quant, time-warp of a venue.
  5. Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. feels a bit out of place in Brooklyn Heights, probably the way Chris McCandless felt in his hometown. And yet, this purveyor of outdoor camping gear, beard oil, quarterly adventure litmags, and other masculine sundries is friendly. They carry equipment for the scout on his first overnight, the ultralight climber peak-bagging the rockies and everyone in between. These cards titled, “Great Dates in History,” by Bush Smarts, remind us that the world is built on the great oral histories of people.
  6. My husband and I are attempting to take eating well more seriously. Here’s a swiss chard, Tilapia, sesame seed, summer squash, ponzu and tomatoes concoction! Together, we’ve already lost over 10 lbs from eating more fresh veggies. We love our local Farmer’s Market at Carroll Park!
  7. Sometimes your night needs a sensual Mick Jagger record, and clean white sheets in which to wrap oneself.
  8. I cannot, for the life of me, explain why a business would need a Wig Drop. That box is far too small for wigs. Unless they are made for dolls, or Chihuahuas. Any ideas?
  9. At John St. Pasture, goats came to graze upon and eat crimson clover.  The space is a temporary living earthwork that celebrates green space, agriculture, and the transitional nature of urban land. In collaboration with the site’s developer, Alloy, the urban farmers at Brooklyn Grange, Smack Mellon and Brooklyn Bridge Park, Reynosa is activating the space through a temporary art installation that brings together soil and plants to explore and celebrate land use, sustainable agriculture and a City in transition.

Plastic Eames Chairs

What did you explore this past week?

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?

If time is always going to escape and elude us, it might as well do so fashionably. Ever look at a clock on the wall and think, “If only they made that for my wrist?” Now’s your chance.

Tick, tock.

This Watch That Clock featuring Asos Skagen and Lexon's Glow Watch: Simple is the name of the game with an aesthetic inspired by Danish minimalism.  Skagen watches are the epitome of design meeting functionality. // Clock:  The GLOW by Hallgeir Homstvedt functions as a seamless, almost ghostly analog wall clock. Blends into all decor.The_Walk_Up_Post_Meta_Tag-300x34
This Watch That Clock featuring Ideat and Anthropologie Watch: The Gilt Noir Wrap watch is somehow both fluid and geometric, offering infinite ways to display the hours. // Clock: France’s IDEAT magazine creates a charmingly eclectic pillow and print mix, anchored by an oversized clock that serves as a sculptural art piece.
The_Walk_Up_Post_Meta_Tag-300x34 This Watch That Clock featuring tench Design Studio and Betsey Johnson Clock: Stickable wall dots from tench Design Studio are vaguely reminiscent of Damien Hirst, but also cheery, simply and reusable. // Watch: The festive polka-dots of Betsey Johnson’s dotted watch are sure to put you in a happy and playful mode.
The_Walk_Up_Post_Meta_Tag-300x34 This Watch That Clock featuring Olivia Burton and The Bella Cottage Clock: A victorian inspired, uber ornate yet shabby chic beach house is festooned with crystal chandeliers, seaglass, coral, and royal seating. The historic typeface of the clock, and its sheer size, allow the object to become stylish wallpaper. // Watch: The floral, parlor watch by Olivia Burton feels antique. It arrives with a worn leather strap.
 “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol